Lot# Description Est $
47 2 Bradford Exchange plates in original boxes with

certificates 'The Newspaper Seller' & 'The Icecream 70

Seller', originally priced at $50 each - (2)

48 2x C/S/P sets incl Royal Standard & Silesia Germany,

lovely sets showing some signs of wear, Silesia has 70

some chips & Royal Standard has staining to inside of

tea cup - see photo
49 3 collector wall plates, 2 Royal Copenhagen, Montreal

Olympics 1976 and Anniversary of Danish Flag with 70

Christian Seltman plate, Village Life series with box &

cert original prices $140 (3)
50 Alfred Meakin Dessert Bowls (6), Arzberg Brava Side

Plates (4), Royal Tudor Barker Bros 'Sycamore' Bowls 70

(2), Alfred Meakin Side Plates 'Spring Rose Pattern' (6)

in very good cond (18)
51 Beswick England Serving Dish J+G Meakin small

Serving Plate, Shelley England White Pin Dish, Coalport

Trellis Rose Trinket Dish, Rosenthal Pin Dish, Cama 100

Siena Wall Plate, the Floral Collection 'Oriental Lily' small

plate Alfred Meakin Glo White 'Roses' Serving Dish (qty)
52 Box of assorted Charles and Diana memorabilia,

Johnson of Australia, Wood + Sons of England Althrop

Mug, Althrop Plate, Diana 'Queen of Hearts' Plate, 50

Debonica Pottery and Royal Albert Plates + Stuart

Crystal Royal Wedding Loving Cup, Sterling Silver

Spoon, Sterling Silver Coin and Medallion (14)
53 British Anchor Staffordshire Serving Plate, Wood and

Sons Medium Serving Bowl and Dessert Bowls with dark 70

red roses pattern, in very good cond (7)
54 Carton of 1940s to 1990s Bavarian, English (incl

Wedgewood Peter Rabbit bowl, Royal Albert, Meakin 60

etc) - Mostly very good cond (Qty)
55 Charlotte Di Vita numbered edition "Harry at Home" 60

teapot in collectors case
56 Christian Thanksgiving series of Collector/Wall Plates,

incls Hay, Apple, Potato, Grain, Grape and Feast of the 40

Harvest, in as new cond (6)

57 Coll of 3 Princess Diana Commemorative Plates incl

Franklin Mint 'Angel of Hope', #P03465, The Bradford 70

Exchange 'Diana, England's Rose', #8757B (with cert),

Aynsley 'Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997', exec

cond (3) - see photo
58 Collectable china miniature animals; Wade - style rabbit,

pair of Scottie Terriers, Tabby cat, Delft - style miniature

china dogs (3), 1960s plastic animal badges (5), Dicast 40

lead soldier, fox and bull, souvenir 'opal' wheelbarrow +

other 1960s-90s bricabrac (qty)

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