Lot# Description Est $

1020 1931 Battersea Juvenile organization Silver Fob approx 70

9.1gm - see photo
1021 Badges & Pins Australia & Sporting related, noted

Canberra Raiders Supporter Badges, Ettamogah Pub, 30

Sunday Telegraph, Coke, Masters Games, Melbourne

Cup Carnival, etc (51)
1022 Box of 1990s to 2015 political badges, very interesting

colln from USA (Obama, Clinton, Biden etc), Philippines 40

(Aquino, Marcos), Australia and others (military +

Royalist), pins and badges (91) and Sex Party Decals (8)

- (99)
1023 Box of badges most of Australia but also some overseas, 40

incl some of Canberra - (Qty)

1024 Circa 1928 Birmingham & District Amateur Football

Alliance, sterling silver Fob with hallmarks, approx 80

11.7gms - see photo
1025 Old cigar box of various medals & tokens incl James

Aircraft, 2 x Coronation medllions 1911, Rising Sun 80

badge, Black Watch badge, other militaria, Aust

Diamond Jubilee - Worth inspection (Qty)
1026 Old clock box of badges, many on cards, also some 40

sporting event items - Suit resale (Qty)
1027 Old toffee tin of various Australian souvenir badges, 60

some on cards - suit resale (Qty)
1028 Railway related Badges & Tie Pins, many Canberra

Tradesman's Union Club plus other Railway related 50

Badges, nice lot (23)
1029 Salvation Army Tinnies mainly 1960s older style Tinnies

plus much older Smith Family enamelled Pin + small 25

enamelled C.F.S. Badge (9)

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