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955 1851 Prince Albert Exhibition of the Industries Silver Gilt 80

Medal by Taylor, EF - see photo

956 1911 Coronation Medal KGV 51mm in original case of

issue, case is in excellent cond, which is unusual, nice 120

item - see photo

957 1953 QEII British Coronation Medal in Silver issued to

Army and Police in attendance, unnamed as issued with 60

original Brooch Style Mount & original ribbon EF - see

958 1954 Victoria Royal visit medal with bar, as new, without

bar (2) 1951 Commonwealth 50 years medal, WW1

Rising Sun Hat badge without lugs, RAR staybright titles 80

(2), Geelong High School badges 1960s (2), other coins

and badges including GB Crowns 1953, Halfcrown 1891

VG, NZ Halfcrown 1944, Australian 50c 1966 and bag of

2c and 1c (Qty)
959 Australians awarded 1st edition by Clive Johnson, plus

Medal Yearbook 2008 & British & Irish Campaign 25

Medals by Stephen Phillip Perkins (3)
960 c1820 Duke of Wellington/England mourns 48mm White

metal medal, Waterloo in exergue, EF toned, AIF medals

(2), NSW Railway Centenary medals (2) Victorian 100

Centenary 1854/1954 Medal, 1936 Coronation Medal for

Victoria, other medals VF-EF (17)

961 Freemasons Hospital Melbourne Silver Medal with "Life 80

Govenor" clasp, named to F.Craig EF - see photo
962 Medal Yearbook 2001, 02 and 03, reasonable cond,

essential reference, each year features information and 30

values on different foreign countries medals in addition to

the normal Imperial medal listings (3)
963 Medal Yearbook 2007 & 2010 plus Third Reich Militaria

by Robin Lumsden & British & Irish Campaign Medals by 25

Stephen Phillip Perkins (4)

964 Spain c.1770 silver Commemorative medal, bust of

Philip of Spain, rev: Victory in amphitheatre holds 45

wreaths; 29mm, holed for wearing, rare, EF - see photo

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