Lot# Description Est $
39 1850s coloured engravings of Australian steamships,

'The Antelope' 1853 and 'Cleopatra' 1852, both in 60

matching frames - (2)
40 1930s Dutch oil on canvas paiting by Leon Vlandingen?

Signed on offcut ( the painting cut from a larger canvas) 50

of two sailing barges under sail.
41 Box with large number of posters, all large sizes, most

with an art theme incl Beatles, Tate Gallery etc, - suit 40

framig for resale (Qty)
42 Lithograph prints, colour, European scenes, one appears 35

to be Venice, most likely 16th century (6)
43 Superb 1930s Chinese painting on glass with mother-of-

pearl background of male and female pheasant in floral 70

vine frame - Rare

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