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Greek Coinage - BC

553 Macedonia 336-323 silver Drachm of Alexander the

Great, head of Herakles (Hercules) wearing lion skin, 360

Zeus enthroned holding eagle, crescent and roaring lion's

head below mint monogram 'n' below throne, almost as

struck, weight 4.05g rare - see photo
Roman Imperial Coinage - AD

554 180-235 AD Julia Mamaea Ar Denarius (Mother of

Severus Alexander) Obv: JVLIA MAMAEA AVG bust 80

facing right , Rev: IVNO AVGVSTAE seated figure left,

toned VF - see photo

555 235-38 AD Maximinus Ar Denarius Obv: MAXIMINVS

PIVS AVG Laureate bust right , Rev: PROVIDENTIA 100

AVG Providentia standing left holding Wand &

Cornucopia, Globe at her feet, VF - see photo

556 238-44 AD Gordian III Ar Denarius Obv: IMP

GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG Laureate bust right , Rev: 70

VENVS VICTRIX Venus standing left with helmet &

sceptre, this coin was one of the last main Denarius

issues gFine - see photo

557 244-49 AD Phillip II Ar Antoninianus Obv: IVL PHILLIPVS

C AVG Radiate beardless bust right , Rev: PRINCIPI 100

IVVENT Soldier standing left holding Spear & Orb EF -

see photo

558 244-49 AD Phillip I Ar Antoninianus Obv: IMP PHILLIPVS

AVG Radiate draped bust right , Rev: SAECVLARES 100

AVGG II in exergue Celebrating 1000 years of Rome

featuring Wolf suckling Romulus & Remus VF - see photo

559 249-51 AD Trajan Decius Ar Antoninianus Obv: IMP C M Q

TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG Radiate bearded head right , 100

Rev: VBERITAS AVG Fertility standing left holding Purse

& Cornucopia Sear 9384 gVF - see photo

560 250 AD Herennia Etruscilla Ar Antoninianus Obv: HER


figure holding Sceptre EF - see photo

561 251-53 AD Trebonius Gallus Ar Antoninianus Obv: CAE

C VIB TREB GALLVS AVG Radiate draped bust right , 100

Rev: AETERNITAS AVGG Eternity standing left holding

Globe & Phoenix, Sear 2777, C13 EF - see photo

562 253-60 AD Valerian I Ar Antoninianus Obv: IMP C P LIC

VALERIANVS AVG Radiate draped bust right , Rev: 60

VICTORIA AVGG Victory standing left holding Wreath &

Sceptre irregular flan VF - see photo

563 253-68 AD Gallienus Ae Antoninianus Obv:

G[AL]LIENVS AVG Radiate bust right , Rev: VIRTVS 40

AV[G] Virtus standing left holding Spear & leaning on

Shield Fine - see photo

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