Lot# Description Est $
14 Box of Matchbox , Lledo & Corgi + unbranded model

cars incl 7 x busses & 1 x Bath Electric Tramways by 50

Corgi, mostly made in China but a few made in England

noted - No outer boxes (14)
15 Box of Matchbox Cars, etc, incl older, plus modern, all in

used condition, noted Tank with tracks, Super King's Fire 30

Control Range Rover, both made in England, etc (18)
16 Corgi & Matchbox London busses, older types mainly

1970s-80s made in England, 2 x Haig Whisky, Jersey 40

bus, London Wide Tour bus & Harrods by Matchbox

(1972) BTA, Cadenheads, RAC - no outer boxes (8)
17 Corgi Limited Edition "AEC Routemaster", "Blackpool

Transport" bus + black & white scotch whisky bus, both

1/50 scale, Gilbow 1/76 scale busses incl 70

Schweppervescence, Badgerlins, Ovaltine, Corgi 1/76

scale city bus & clydeside pair in box + Bedford OB -

some minor damage to outer boxes (7 boxes, 8 models)
18 Die cast aircraft models from giant warplane colln incl

Lancaster, Junkers JU52 and JU290 + as well as Fire 60

Engine 1977 ALF Century Pumpa (4)
19 Die cast helicopters of UK, Germany & Israel, inclds

Westland, Wessex, Whirlwind & Lynx, Sea King, 50

Chinook, Cobra, Eurocopter and Eurocopter Tiger with

magazines (8)
20 Die cast London Busses E.F.E brand, 1/76 scale, well

made & detailed models - All different, good cond, no 50

outer boxes (19)
21 Great British Locomotives Colln Issues 1 and 2 models

"Mallard" and "Duchess" class in original packaging, 60

unopened, nice items for collector - (2)
22 Large "Willow" Australia tin with lid cont 44 metal motor 60

cars, most in very good cond - Great variety (44)
23 Large wooden box with colln of small toy trucks & busses,

Die Cast various brands incl Matchbox, Lledo, Days 75

Gone by Lledo, mostly made in England - good cond, no

outer boxes, all different (38)
24 Matchbox models of yesteryear colln of Ambulances all

different & all with outer boxes, most dusty as they have

been on display, various types incl Citroen Fench field 60

Ambulance, German Mercedes Fiels Ambulance, Holden

Ambulance, Mercy Hospital Ambulance etc, lot also incls

1920 Preston Tram Car - (8)
25 Matchbox models of yesteryear Fire Engines incl 1930

Ford Model A Battalion Chiefs vehicle, 1937 GMC 40

Rescue Sqaud, 1923 Mack AC Water Tanker, plus Dinky

Coca Cola Tram - all with outer boxes (4)

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