Lot# Description Est $
342 Box with accum of coin Albs, incl Safe Brand Alb with 2x2

mount pages, Dansco "Supreme" Florin Alb in as new

cond, Dansco Press in Albs for 20c-50c (1966-84) & $1 50

(1984-2002), Scholastic folders 10c, 20c, 50c (2),

Whitman U.S.A type colln folder (near new cond), black

coin Alb with 2x2 pages - (11 items)
343 Gold Coins of the World by Arthur & Ira Friedberg, covers 30

ancient times to the present, 7th edition, hardcover
344 Krause Publications 2015, 'Standard Catalogue of World 35

Coins 2001- 2014, 9th Edition, as new

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