Lot# Description Est $
246 Colln of mostly modern European postcards, also incls 60

some vintage cards - Worth checking (Qty)
247 Colln of mostly vintage postcards with various greetings - 70

Birthday, Xmas etc - Nice cards, no stamps (70+)
248 Colln of over 80 cards, mostly of England & large portion 80

of vintage cards - Nice colln incl some early stamps (80+)
249 Colln of postcards featuring English churches, views of 60

both outside and inside, many vintage cards - (60)
250 Colln of postcards in Albs incl some early views of

London & Suez with some photos of the canal, also 60

Hawaii & Gainsborough - (Qty)
251 Colln of postcards in pages, almost all with greetings of

some sort (Birthdays, Xmas, etc) some very early cards - 60

Mostly used (48)
252 Colln of postcards of Japan incl some of Geisha from 80

Japan Travel Bureau, some other vintage cards, nice

colln - (45)
253 Colln of postcards of Scotland incl Glasgow, Edinburgh,

Motherwell etc, many black & white photo type cards, 60

mostly early views - (48)
254 Colln of vintage postcards, many early cards incl

England, India, Australia and 1 card of opening of 100

Parliament in Canberra - Rare (60)
255 Early colln of cards incl some nice Ocean Liners, Dutch

Windmills, Amsterdam and Paris - Some good early 80

cards as well as some early photos (50+)
256 English & Scottish postcards, black & white views, 80

Castles, Stately homes etc - a lot unused (70+)
257 Env of over 50 postcards featuring various greetings

(Christmas, Birthday, etc), most vintage some 40

embossed, a nice coll (50+)
258 Envelope of large format postcards of various locations,

also folder of reproduction Aust postcards and an 60

interesting colln of WWII real photos - worth checking

259 Envelope of mostly modern Postcards of Australian

locations incl some of Canberra and Moruya which are 35

not often seen (approx 100)
260 European postcards, some nice early cards with variety 80

of stamps, incl selection of female portraits - aF (70+)
261 Folder of humorous postcards, mostly by Donald McGill

(40+) + with folder of 'Saucy Seaside' (20 reproduction 120

cards) - Nice colln of rare cards (60+)
262 Good colln of portrait postcards, incl many actors and

actresses from the early 1900s, some with additional 100

pieces added - nice variety (48)
263 India & Ceylon colln on pages, some early 1900s cards & 60

some photos incl snake charmers - Interesting colln


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