Lot# Description Est $
124 1960/70s Memorabilia, travelling Sewing Kit, Shaving

Kit, Electric Shaver, Gowlands Ophthalmoscopes (2), 80

perfect for anyone with Ophthalmo problems (5 items)
125 19th century silk embroidered panel showing a scholar

and bird trainer in vignettes inside a gold bullion wire 80

scalloped rectangle, flowers, bridges and temples

outside, rare and unusual.
126 2 signed 8'x10' B&W photos of Julie Christine & Debbie

Reynold, nice clear signatures (note slight smudge to 80

Reynolds) - (2)
127 4 signed NASA photographs of Astronauts, Bridges,

Fabian, Blaha & Barry - Nice images and clear 100

signatures, some dedicated (4)
128 Aitor, Bowie Hunting Knife with Scabbard Buffalo Motif 40

on blade polymer handle, used cond
129 Box cont drawing instruments, travel iron c 1960, paper 35

press plus others (qty)
130 Box of assorted metal based household items, incl brass

Tea Pot stand, Lidded container, pr of Ducks and Vase 40

(with frog), also small copper jug, EPNS Milk Jug, tall pot

plus other items (10)
131 Box of collectable bottles & decanters incl nice etched

port bottle, 2 x Buller & Son Bird series ceramic bottles 40

with crystal decanter (AF) - (5)
132 Box of Collectable Tins, Cigarette Tins and others (15) 35
133 Box of collectables incl 3 boxes of technical drawing

equipment, set of 4 CDs in a box, old print, alb of 30

Western Aust, Postcard folder etc - (Qty)
134 Box of old tins to suit collector or resale, incls Erinmore

Mixture, Pears Soap, Ogdens Rough cut & very old 40

Havelock tin (lacking lid) - (8)
135 Box of various items incl box of Apostle spoons, old

siilver mustard spoon, drawing equipment, 2 x goblets & 60

heavy mirror - (qty)
136 Box of various items incl old photos, colln of postcards,

coin alb, collectable tines, box of pen nibs, stamps etc - 50

Needs checking but good value (Qty)
137 Box of vintage medical wquipment incl boxed brass

pump (?), tray of medical oddments, box of reuseable 50

syringes & blood pressure tester - Interesting collector

items (Qty)
138 Box with range of flight memorabila incl, Ansett, Qanta,

Train/Bus tickets, Tasmania Tramway & Ferry tickets etc 50

from 1940s-1950s (70) + some wine labels - (100+)

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