Lot# Description Est $
1676 o World accum in 2 albs, one contains mainly GB, USA,

India & PNG (650+), plus the other cont mainly Europe 30

(China noted in the mix) (800+) (1450+)
1677 x/o World coll in lge brown loose leaf alb - countries A - V all

stamps appear to be prior to 1950, useful Europe with 100

pickings throughout (no Australia or GB) noted China,

USA, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and more

1678 xx/x/o World issues (B+C countries) in Lighthouse alb, mostly

FU issues with occas M, best range Bulgaria (1100+),

with nice Thematics noted incl Sport, Olympics, Birds, 40

Flowers, Animals, Butterflies, Space + more, also incl

good range from Ceylon/Sri Lanka + to a lesser extent

Bolivia, Bangladesh, Chile, Commores + Costa Rica

1679 xx World miniature sheets, high CV, incls mostly British

C'Wlth and a few Pacific Is & Netherlands, nice lot, good 50

for resale, excellent value at est (100+)
1680 x/o World seln in 2 albs, A-Z countries in one, good

Thematics in another, themes noted incl Scouts, Space, 30

Animals + more (600+)
1681 c 1981 The Songbirds of the World Mint stamps boxed

collection issued by the Royal Society for the protection 40

of birds, each stamp comes with its own illustrated

information card (72 diff)
1682 xx/x/o Aeropalne stamps, extensive colln in Davo black page

Stkbk, from clasical period through to modern issues, 100

incls singles, sets, m/s etc - little to no dupln, sure to be

pickings for the flight enthusiast (1600+)
1683 xx/x/o Alb cont Sport Thematics - quality issues incl CTO - wide 60

date and country range but mostly in the 1950s/70s era

1684 o Alb cont World Horse Thematics - mostly used incl quality

CTO issues (200+) - also incl Aust recent used issues 60

(300+) (total 500+)
1685 xx/o Alb cont World Thematic issues - mostly quality CTO

issues from a wide range of countries - Thematics incl 60

birds, butterflies, cats, dogs, fish + other animals (900+)
1686 xx Nice framed Limited Edition Commemorative Stamp 40

Collection of the Royal Australian Air Force
1687 xx/o Trains on stamps colln in large 32 page (64sides) black

page Stkbk, extensive colln of mainly used incl singles, 90

sets + a few m/s etc - Great lot for the serious thematic

collector, sure to be pickings (1100+)
1688 xx 1950s seln of Republic of Malukli Sewatan (South

Moluccas) "Bogus" issues, reputedly ordered by New 40

York Stamp Dealer Henry Stolow, interesting as historical

forgeries or as colourful Thematics (54)

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