Lot# Description Est $
1650 o Alb with World accum, best range Asian region incl good

seln from HK, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, 55

Malaysia, Singapore, Macao, Philippines + Indonesia,

many others incl Europe, Americas, Mid East + many

more (1000+)
1651 x/o A-Z accum in Premier Globe alb, good range of early 50

Europe, mostly pre 1960s (800+)
1652 x/o A-Z seln on pages in springback Alb, mostly pre 1960s, 60

best range Europe & Asia (incl China) - (900+)
1653 x/o A-Z World coll in "Travelar" alb, good range of countries, 55

best range Europe (1700+)
1654 x/o Colln in SG Strand alb Quite well filled with useful ranges

of Brit Comm, Europe, Colonies (esp French & 240

Portugese), Latin America, etc Cond varies but

somewhat above average for this type of collection (many

1655 xx/x/o Diverse mostly British Cwlth ranges & colln remainders,

odds on pages, hagners & stkshts with useful Burma, 200

Canada, India, NZ, BWI etc plus some Japan & other

foreign cond varies (many 100s)
1656 x/o Earlies to 1950s seln of A-Z World issues in alb, best

range Europe, in particular France + Germany, 1930s 100

China (seln of Sun Yat Sen) + many other useful early

issues (2000+)
1657 x/o Early to 1950s A-Z accum in old Strand Alb, good range

of Europe (incl France + Col & Germany + Col), Asia (incl 80

China & Japan), Australia & USA + many others feature

well - (2200+)
1658 xx/x/o F-G World collection on leaves in large folder incls

Falklands, Fiji, Finland, France, good range of Germany

M+U, plus post war East & West, GB, incl a few Mint 30

Guernsey, Greece, Guinee, etc, main value is in the

sheer qty, little or no duplication (1200+)
1659 xx Franklin Mint 'Commonwealth Collection' 1983 with

frontispiece from Buckingham Palace typed 'Elizabeth R', 40

sets of UHM stamps from all Cwlth countries & territories

1660 x/o Good coverage of Spain with earlies, some South 60

Arabia, small selection of South America & British C'Wlth

1661 x/o Good range of Greece from earlies, some pickings in 100

Hong Kong & a small range of Gibraltar (qty)
1662 x/o J-Y accum (earlies to modern) on pages in Argyle

Springback alb, mostly Used, best range NZ with early

Health + Officials noted, also incl a good range of Europe 65

(incl Switz, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Poland, Romania,

etc), Asia (incl Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia) + good seln

of USA + Brit Comm (2300+)
1663 xx/x/o Mostly hagners with BWI esp British Guiana, Guyana &

Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand & Pacific, other British 150

Commonwealth & Foreign odds and ends, cond varies


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