Lot# Description Est $
1517 c 1979-82 AAT base cancels sets, incl Ships I, II + III in blks

of 4 (total CV for the single sets is $100+), also incls

1979/80 Anniv 1st Flight over the South Pole set of 8 also 40

in blks of 4 (4 complete base cancel sets in blks of 4 (72

1518 c 1980-91 GB coll of FDCs in sleeves in FDC album, 50

same addressee, all diff (96)
1519 c 2 Quality Royal Mail albs, one with GB Millennium coll

covers (2000-01) (13) + the other alb cont 1970s-2000s 30

seln of GB RAF War/Aircraft Anniv issues plus assorted

World War/Aircraft issues (25) (total 38 covers)
1520 xx/c 2004-2006 seln of WWF sets of 4 stamps & 4 covers &

information pgs relating to each set of covers & stamps 30

for different countries, these sets are housed in 2 WWF

folders with slip covers, 22 diff sets (88 MUH stamps, 88

1521 c Box with a wide range of countries old and new noted

some very useful Germany & Austria, this lot definitely 60

worth viewing (100+)
1522 c Salvation Army specialised colln in Alb from 1983-88 incl

Cvrs from G.B, NZ, Netherlands, Aust, Germany, Hong

Kong, Phillipines, Jamaica, Suriname, Norway etc, 80

numerous special Cancellations/Slogans etc - A hard

colln to assemble, no dupln (74)
1523 c 1943-2017 colln of Red Cross Covers in Alb, many

interesting special postmarks/slogans etc noted number

of Swiss Registered Cvrs from 1963, American Red 100

Cross envelope front bearing 2d orange & ½d green

KGVI Defin tied to env by US Army postal Service pmk

dated 6/4/43 - Various other interesting Cvrs very minor

dupln (85)
1524 c 1935 Austrian Heroes on unaddressed FDC Michel 50

(2007), CV €200
British Commonwealth
1525 c 1977 Comm colln of Silver Jubilee FDCs in Royal Comm 50

Society Alb, incl 52 quality covers - (52)
Great Britain
1526 c 1971-84 GB FDC colln in 2 quality L'house matching

green albs (small & extra long), most covers from late

1970s are either unaddressed or with BPOA labels and 30

are in excellent resale cond, covers are a bonus as the

main value lies in the 2 quality albs (99 covers)

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