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1514 l Scotland Specialised Postmark Catalogues incl "The

Circular Name Stamps of Scotland & Scottish Postmarks

in 3 Volumes, by James A Mackay, "Postal Markings of

Scotland to 1840" 2nd Edit by Bruce Auckland, 40

Sotheby's Sir Gawaine Baillie Collection Catalogue Vol

10 "British Empire Part 2/ Sperati Forgeries, Sotheby's

Lady Mair, Bury Collection Vol 1 & 11 (8 books)
1515 l South Africa Philatelic Books incl "The Encyclopaedia of

South African Post Offices & Postal Agencies" Vol I & II

by Ralph F Putzel "Par Avion in Southern Africa" by John 50

T Burrell, "The Stamps of the Union of South Africa 1910-

61" edited by SJ Hagger, "Transvaal Philately" by Maj Ian

B Mathews (ret'd) "Railway Stamps of South Africa" by

Hagen & Naylor (6)
1516 l Specialist Philatelic books in box incls "Repairs of the

1841 One Penny Plates 1-40 by JWM Stone, "The

Plating of Alphabet 111 AA to DL, EA to HL & IA to LL, 30

plus Collect British Postmarks 8th edition, 1934

Netherlands Cat Sassone Italian Catalogue, plus

Specialised Italian Colonies Cat also by Sassone 2003

editions (8 items)

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