Lot# Description Est $
1496 o Shoebox with Aust Pre Dec on Ppr, all appear to be

circular Pmks, noted vals to 1949 5/- to 10/- Arms + 2/3 60

Commems and 5/- Cattle - Very good lot for the Pmk

collector (100s)
1497 c/ps Shoebox with bulk seln of NZ FDCs + Postcards, incl

1960s/80s seln of FDCs (addressed + unaddressed)

(180+), also incl 1972/3 Postcard Series 1+2 (6 65

complete sets of 10) + 34 cards not yet sorted + packed,

3x 1946 Peace Stamp sets in folders (U) + more (180+

covers, 94 Cards + a few stamps in folders)
1498 ps Shoebox with GB commercial mail 1940s/50s , inclds

KGVI express post, registration, military mail inc 'opened

by examiner', a variety of pmks & of particular note a 80

1946 envelope bearing a seal, also inc 1950s QEII,

mostly Forces mail with FPO (Field Post Office) cancels,

a few military theme FDCs also in mix (KGVI 50, QEII

200+) (250+)
1499 o Shoebox with World on Ppr, good range of countries incl

France, Fiji, Isle of Man, Pacific Islands, Asia & others - 40

Good lot (100s)
1500 xx/o/c Small box with accum of Cocos Islands stamp Packs

plus a few AAT, noted AAT 1973 Decimal Defins Pack

plus a few other earlies incl Treaty, Cooks Ships Series 30

1, 2 & 3s Cocos incl Aeroplane Series (Philatokyo 81

insert) with Norfolk & Christmas Is Packs also noted, lot

also incl some Aust FDCs & Aust Dec Used on paper,

great value at estimate (100s)
1501 xx/o/c Small carton with accum of Australia inclds interesting

Pre Dec & Dec cvrs particularly in the older issues + a 120

small box of Pre dec & Dec M & U, good value at est

1502 xx/x/o/c World accum with wide range of countries noted, most

stamps are in individual packets, viewing and sorting 100

sure to reward (100s)

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