Lot# Description Est $
86 1950s vintage cigarette case in excellent cond, engarved

inside & monogramme on front - this item has a definite 30

touch of style about it.
87 3x Al plated Silver items incl 2 Coffee Pots, 1 has 50

damage to spout, plus Pepper Shaker with a few dents

(3 items)

88 Beautiful condition Crusader thick Silver Plate set, incl

Tea, Coffee and Waterjugs, all with black insulating 70

handles, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl also included, 5

pieces - see photo
89 Biscuit tin of silverplated souvenir spoons from Aust, 35

USA and GB (90)
90 Box containing EPNS tea set comprising of tea pot, milk

jug & sugar bowl + additional milk jug (not matching) - 60

Nice colln, all need a polish but will come up nicely (4)
91 Box of EPNS incl large ornate tray, 2 coffee pots, smaller 60

tray - All need polishing but will clean up nicely (10)
92 Box of EPNS items incl nice pair of Indian vases, tea &

coffee pot, sugar bowl etc - would benefit from a polish, 60

suit resale (Qty)
93 Box of various beer tankards incl Selangor & English

Pewter, Chrome etc - Great for a man cave, needs some 40

polishing (8)
94 Box of various EPNS and copper/brass items, incl

covered sugar bowl, teapot, vases etc - Needs polishing, 60

suit resale (11)
95 Box of various EPNS and silver serving utensils incl

spoons, pickle fork, cake slice, sugar sifter etc - Nice lot 100

for resale, original prices over $150 (14)
96 Box of various EPNS serving cutlery incl large serving

spoon, tongs, mother of pearl handled items & 6 bone 60

handled knives & forks - (15)
97 Box of various EPNS serving utensils incl spoons, salad

tongs, butter knives, fish knives, collector spoons, cheese 100

knives etc - items original price well over $200 (40+)
98 Box of vintage EPNS items incs 2 bowls, covered butter

dish and very interesting cocktail shaker etc - needs 60

polishing (5)
99 Boxed set of 6 silver spoons, The Australian State Flower

spoons by the Royal Horticultural Societies of Australia - 80

Nice set (6 spoons)
100 Colln of boxed items incl nice set of cake forks, 6

serviette rings in velvet box, spoon commemorating 60

Prince William's birth + 5 other spoons - Suit reseller (8)
101 Cutlery set Fish Knife + Fork set of 6 Bone handled

pieces in Velvet lined lockable display box, English 420

Hallmark, tests 57 to 59% silver, total weight 700gms

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