Lot# Description Est $
1430 xx/x/c 1920s-82 accum of China/Taiwan mainly Dr Sun Yat Sen

issues in singles pairs & blks, inclds Shanghai local post 40

20cash postcard (unused), 1982 commercial env from

P.R.C to Surfers Paradise Australia etc (100+)
1431 c 1966-89 Box accum of unaddressed Norfolk Is FDCs 30

(heavy dupln) (140+)
1432 o 2 Shoeboxes cont bulk seln of GB off paper, one

shoebox cont Machins + Commems, the other shoebox 50

cont 1000s of unsorted GB, date range appears to be

from QVic to 1970s era (many 1000s)
1433 xx/x/o Accum World issues all in clear sleeves & packets, some

sets & some sorted by country, large portion of the

accum is M/MUH, noted NZ Pre Dec M incl blks & M/S, 100

Europe M incl Yugoslavia, San Marino, Italy, Spain,

Greece, USA, PNG, South America etc diverse range

great lot for reseller - mainly fine cond (1000s)
1434 xx/x/o/c Box of Aust & World in box in packets, small Albs & on

display cards, noted small Lighthouse Stkbk of West

Germany M + Hungary, Austria & Yugoslavia, display

cards of mainly Used Iceland, Norway, DDR, + some with 80

Mint AAT, Western Samoa & Brit Guiana hagners with

accum M&U GB, Pacific, some Channel Is - Qty of

packets of mainly older Brit Comm & Europe + smaill qty

of Philatelic CVRs from various Countries - (1000s)
1435 xx Box cont 1960s/70s PNG seln of full + part sheets, mostly

lower denom values + part sets, but very useful for 30

reseller, noted 1973 25c + 30c x20 each (CV $1 + $2 ea)

(many 100s)
1436 xx Box cont 1970s/80s seln of PNG stamp sets in 58 30

(appear diff) Post Office Packs (100s)
1437 xx/c/ps Box cont 1970s-80s PNG MUH sets in pkts (25 pkts),

also incl 1965-80s seln of 90 unaddressed covers, 14 of 30

these are souvenir covers with special cancels (100+

stamps, 90 covers)
1438 xx Box cont 1978 British Comm coll of 25th Anniv of the

Coronation, stamp sets, m/sheets + sheetlets mounted 65

hingelessly on 100+ Anniv of Coronation pages (169

stamps, 73 m/sheets + sheetlets)
1439 xx Box cont 1986-95 (ex 1994) PNG Year albs complete

with stamps, 1991 features the higher CV K10 B of P,

1993 features Small Birds Taipei o/print + Bangkok m/s 60

o/print + 1995 features Provisional o/prints + Singapore

+ Beijing m/s o/prints (9 albs with stamps)
1440 c Box cont 1993-2000 quality GB FDCs coll, incl New

Defins to £5, Millennium Series, m/sheet issues + more, 80

all neatly typed same addressee, lovely cond, orig FV

approx £170 (92)

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