Lot# Description Est $
1416 c/ps Large Bootbox with bulk accum of Aust FDCs, PSEs + 30

Aerogrammes (550+)
1417 c/ps Large box cont Bulk seln of Aust FDCs & PSEs (un-

addressed), features are Aust Silk Cachet covers (50+), 80

1981 Camel Mail Re-enactment covers (30+), 1985 Aust

Games (30+), 1974 7c Matthew Flinders Birth Bicent

(20+) - (50+)
1418 c/ps Large box cont bulk seln of Aust FDCs + PSE FDI, all 65

unaddressed, Parliament House cancels noted (approx

1419 o Large document file box cont 5 stkbks all with Aust off ppr 60

with dupln, various years pre-dec to 2000 noted (many

1420 xx/x/o/c Lge carton with accum of Australian Pacific Islands and 50

World incl a great range of PNG, World used, etc (100s)
1421 xx/x/o massive untidy world accum in carton 5 albums, cigar tin

& small boxes & packets, a diverse array of material with

some useful Germany in large lighthouse stkbk incl Berlin 80

& Pre war inflationary period M, lots of Europe M & U

mainly 19oos-1970s, very untidy and sure to be a few

gems to be unearthed in here, well worth close inspection

1422 x/o ox with 10 small albs with assorted World, best range in

Movaleaf alb of mostly 1950s-70s Germany, Austria, Italy,

Australia, Canada, NZ & GB with dupn (1000+), Golden 60

Age alb of World mainly U with occcas M, (1200+),

spgbk alb of Europe (500+), the remainder are mainly

Aust, Pacific Islands, & GB with dupln (1000s)
1423 o/c/a Vodka carton with large Lighthouse stkbk of New

Zealand + 2 large Chinese stkbks of World and Aust 30

cvrs, stkbk pages and Netherlands Davo alb (qty)
1424 x/o/a Wine carton with 2 packs of Lighthouse pages, 1 set

blank, the other for Austria, other items +2 small albs of 30

USA and NZ, a few pickings (200+)
1425 xx/x/o/c Wine carton with 2 small albs of Germany and Pre-Dec

M+U Australia + Aust cvrs and more World in plastic 40

container and on sheets (100s)
1426 o/c Wine carton with empty Davo Hingeless album for Aust

Dec 1990-1999 + hingeless Kabe alb for Canada 1851 40

to 1956 sparsley filled other S/Seas pages + tin with

USA and Ireland, few covers, etc (100s)
1427 xx Wine carton with NZ Year Albums from 1984 to 1994, 160

complete with stamps, CV NZ $695 (11 albs)
1428 xx/x/o Wine carton with untidy World accum in 9 albs and stkbks 40

and 1986 PNG Year Album, good range of countries

1429 xx/o/c/l World accum cont 1985 Stamps of Japan in official post

book with slip cover (55 MUH stamps, 1 m/s), pgs with

mix of M/U AAT 1957-73 inc 1966 defins (50), Aust Post 40

due (52), Cocos 1963-82 (48), 2 albs (best range

Europe/Asia) (qty), small container Aust Dec VFU &

more (many 100s)

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