Lot# Description Est $
1388 xx/x/o/c Box cont 6 Albs, one with MUH Blks of 4 + more (mostly

1960s/70s) incl Grenada, Ghana, Dominica, Antigua +

more (700+), another with Indo-China (M/U) incl Cook Is, 80

Niue, Tuvalu + more (200+), the other 3 cont Aust/World

(U) (200+), NZ (U) (100+), GB (U) (100+), also incl

earlies to the 1940s USA (U) on hagners (400+) + more -

1389 xx/x/o/l Box cont 6 small albs, these incl A-Z World (U) (430+),

1930s/60s USA coll (M+U) (300+), E.Europe + Mid East

(200+), the remaining 3 cont Aust + World with dupln (U) 30

(qty), Aust POPs (6), bag cont Aust Stamp Rego Labels

(qty), 1970s Aust Space/Rocket covers (57), container of

Aust off paper (qty), SG Stamp book + more (100s)
1390 x/o/c Box cont 7 small albs (2x A-Z, 1x NZ + 4x mostly Europe

+ the Americas), good range of early Europe, mostly 75

Used, also incl Aust cvrs (mostly 1990s WCS cvrs) (60) +

more (many 100s)
1391 xx/x/o/c Box cont a qty of World issues in albs on pages + a large

qty of colourful Thematics are also noted in unopened

packs, the albs cont a seln of countries with best range

Europe incl a good range of Brit Comm (incl good NZ 60

seln plus GB, Aust, Canada + more) also incl a qty of Brit

Comm MUH in glassines incl 1946 Peace + 1981 Royal

Wedding, lots of sorting (many 100s)
1392 xx/x/o/p Box cont Aust hingeless pages 1913-81 sparcely filled

with general issues in Aust Alb (300+), also 5 other Albs,

one with A-L World accum (m/u) incl CTO (900+), another

with World issues (mostly Europe & Asia (U))(700+) + 3 60

smaller Albs mostly Aust & GB (U), also Jersey MUH incl

1971 "To Pay' labels in part sheets, Aust Aerogrammes

in folder (approx 100) + more - (100s)
1393 ps Box cont bulk seln of Aust 1980s PSE FDI, wide seln of

Town cancels noted, good clean unaddressed cond, 55

ideal for reseller (1000+)
1394 c/ps Box cont bulk seln of Aust FDCs + PSE FDI (large seln

PSEs) in good clean unaddressed cond, many with 45

Parliament House + Stamp Week cancels, ideal for

reseller (1100+)
1395 c/ps Box cont bulk seln of Aust FDCs, PSEs + Aerogrammes, 55

nice range, unaddressed, good resale cond (700+)
1396 c/ps Box cont bulk seln of Aust FDCs, PSEs, Aerogrammes + 30

Aust Post greeting cards (900+)
1397 c/ps Box cont bulk seln of Aust FDCs/PSEs + Aerogrammes,

a feature of this lot is the qty of M/CTO Aerogrammes 30

(approx 400) (1100+)
1398 ps Box cont bulk seln of Aust PSE FDI, mostly 1980s, many

still in bundles of 20, all unaddressed, variety of Town 45

cancels, good resale potential (820+)

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