Lot# Description Est $
1379 c 1955-80s accum of Aust FDCs in box, most are rust 30

affected but value in the 50 or so pre-dec CVRs - (600+)
1380 xx/x/o 1968-88 Aust in springback Alb (U) ( seln of Aust Terr at

back), Lighthouse Alb with dupln Cocos Is (U) incl 1968

to 2/3, 1969 & 1976 Defins (200+), Hagners with AAT (2

sets of MUH high CV 1966 Defins noted),Tangier o/prints 80

(MUH), Austria (U), Canal Zone seln, also incl Silv Jub

booklets, Cyprus booklets, PNG Annual packs 1977-85,

Norfolk Ball Bay issue with dupln to 1/- (50+) (MUH/M),

also noted is W. Germany m/s 1233a (MUH) - (100s)
1381 c 1970s-80s accum of Aust FDCs in ring binders and

housed on hagners & FDC pages incl early Decimal 40

WCS plus officials & Royals also in the mix, many are

rust affected hence the low estimate (100s)
1382 xx/x/o Australian accum 1913-2000s in 6 quality Stkbks, Roos

& KGV Used then mixed M&U general pre dec incl some

imprint blks 4 with dupln in M&U for many issues, early 600

dec mainly Used until 1990s, 1990s-2000s incl M&U

m/s, strips of 5 etc - High mint FV + many complete sets,

great lot for collector or reseller (5000+)
1383 o/c/ps Box cont 1960s-70s coll of PNG FDCs in 3 albs (special

cancels + information sheets) (150+), also incls folder 40

with PNG Postal stationery + small album with PNG

Butterflies (U) (150+ covers + qty used stamps)
1384 xx/x/o/c Box cont 1981 Royal Wedding alb with 70x MUH World

issues, Aust Stamp Packs (18 diff), 3 folders with CTO

Russian issues (1950s/70s) (approx 300), 3 albs, one

with mainly Hungary + Malaysia (180+), the other 2 house 55

A-Z World issues (good range of France + Germany),

stamps on Hagners from Christmas Is + Norfolk + one

Hagner cont early Swiss, Belgium + Germany, also incl

1970-82 Christmas Is FDCs (41) (100s)
1385 ps Box cont 2 boxes, one with 1980s Norfolk, PSEs (M +

FDI), many priced ready for sale (500+) + the other cont 40

Aust PSE FDI incl Sydpex, Nat Stamp Week + more

(900+), all stock in clean cond for resale (1400+)
1386 xx/o/c Box cont 3 Albs, one with Aust/World (incl Roos, KGV &

Aust States) (500+), another cont mostly Mid East, Asia

& Sth America (250+), the 3rd cont Sth Africa sparcely 60

filled (approx 100) also incl nice seln of PNG, Aust &

USA FDCs World stamps in pkts + more - (100s)
1387 xx/o/c Box cont 3 sml Albs (U), one with 1970s/80s Vietnam

(1990+) another with Neth, India, Germany, Spain (500+),

the other with Hungary, Poland, Romania (400+), also 80

incl 1984 quality Olympic Games FDC colln (100+), PNG

stamp packs (40) + more - (Qty)

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