Lot# Description Est $
70 Lladro Nao 'Spring Flowers', #1195, 22x8cm, pretty

young girl in white dress with green detail and wide 50

brimmed straw hat carrying a basket of spring flowers,

chip on rim of hat - see phoro

71 Lladro Nao 'Thinking', #0480, this little thinker measures

19x11cm with her hands in her apron pocket and a bow 50

on her head, she is a sweet little thing deep in thought,

tiny chip on underside, not visible - see photo

72 Lladro 'Shepherdess W-Rabbit', #0522, this seated lady

looks lovingly at the rabbit on her lap, exec cond, 50

20x8.5cm - see photo

73 Lladro 'Surprised Cat', #5114, for the Lladro collector

and cat lovers alike, this adorable cat is in exec cond & 50

measures 13x9cm - see photo
74 Luckel's "Idyllic Village Life Series" of decorator wall 70

plates issues 1 to 10 1986 to 1988 in perfect as new

cond (10)
75 Religious items incl 'The Life of Christ' decorator plate as

found, Figurines from sculpture by A Santini Pieta on 35

Marble base 2008 PNC World Youth Day + 2010 Mary

McKillop Medallion PNC (4)
76 Royal Doulton green/yellow 2 cups with saucers & 11 50

small plates (15 pcs)
77 Royal Doulton 'Minden' breakfast bowls + small + large 50

Dinner plates (in good condition) (10)

78 Royal Doulton 'Russell' trio C/S/P, #548335 1920s

classical design of portraits in shields with tassels & 50

scrollwork all green on white with gold edging, some

marks & signs of age - see photo
79 Royal Memorabillia Royal Doulton 80th Birthday Queen

Mother, Royal Winton QEII Visit to Australia decorator 110

plates and Queen Mother's 90th Birthday Mug (all in very

good condition) (3)
80 Royal Winton decorator plate to commemorate the visit 35

of HM Queen Elizabeth II to Australia 1954, in as new


81 Swinnertons "Luxor Vellum" incomplete set incl Jug, Cup,

Bowl & Large Plate, 3 Saucers & small Plates, post 40

1946, rare Blue Red Floral Pattern No SW1143, some

crazing and signs of age (10) - see photo
82 Two large tubs of glassware , incl cut glass and coloured 60

glass, ideal for market seller (Qty)
83 Vintage retro Bendigo Pottery, salt glazed cheese bell 35

(dome + plate), in perfect cond

84 Wedgewood "Unicorn" 39 Piece dinner service, some 200

minor chips to a few cups, otherwise good cond - See

85 Wedgwood Calendar Plates 'Animal Carnival' 1972 (3), 50

'Camelot' 1974 and 'Children's Games' 1975 in as new

condition (5)

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