Lot# Description Est $
59 Denmark-Copenhagen Olympiade 1972 Munich Plate,

Bing + Grondahl 1985 Christmas Eve at the farmhouse

Kyobenham Denmark 'Arrival of Christmas Guests', 30

'Christmas Tale' 1978 Copenhagen Porcelain 'Country

Christmas' 1973 limited edition 200th Year of Trade

Between Denmark and Greenland Wall plate (7)
60 Diana Queen of Our Hearts 1st and 2nd issue "Our Royal 50

Princess" decorator Wall Plates, in as new cond (2)
61 Julen Wall plates 1968 to 1975 (ex 1971, 1974, 1976 +

1977) Denmark made in Germany, shades of blue 70

building designs on plates, as new (7)
62 Keep Forever Bridal Plate Noritake Japan, Shelley

England x2 plates Floral Mallorca Cathedral Souvenir

plate, Keep Forever Bridesmaid Plate, Staffordshire

Ware Myott 'Royal Mail' wall Plate, Royal Albert 70

'Friendship' side Plate Delphine 'Bretions' Challenge'

side Plate, Royal Albert side Plate October Wall Plate

Indian Summer, January Wall Plate 'Fireside Dreams'


63 Lladro Girl with Geese #5503, in true Lladro style of

never missing any detail, this sweet girl is sculpted by

Antonio Ramos and still has the often lost original sticks 130

in hand, to the avid collector or Goose enthusiast, don't

miss the magnificent example of Lladro porcelain - see


64 Lladro Juanita Flamenco dancing girl #5193, the detail in

this piece of beautiful Lladro crafting is worth noting the 3

flowers atop the passionate little dancer's head are so 130

detailed they could be real, a stunning example of glossy

Lladro porcelain - see photo

65 Lladro Lolita Flamenco Co Dancing Girl #5192, a

beautiful example of Lladro glossy porcelain, this little 100

dancer's passion for Spanish dance is clearly detailed in

her expression, - see photo

66 Lladro Nao Gres Finish 'Girl Picking Up Her Skirt',

#1041, the gres finish gives the little girl beautiful

terracotta colouring teamed with a more matte finish than 40

usually found in other Nao collectons, this all makes her a

lovely addition to any collection, 17x11cm, exec cond -

see photo

67 Lladro Nao 'My Rag Doll', #21x8.5cm little girl in

nightdress with lace like detailing holding her ragdoll by 60

the arm as it hangs down her left leg, exec cond - see


68 Lladro Nao 'Out For A Stroll', #1087, 18x10cm, excellent

cond, she has a lovely flowing skirt & basket of roses with 55

wide brim hat - see photo

69 Lladro Nao 'Please, Please', #1224, a young girl in a

green & white dress topped with a pink hat, she holds her 55

hand's together as if reading, 21x8.5cm, great cond -

see photo

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