Lot# Description Est $
1007 Bag of Medallions, Tokens, etc, incl 6 Casino Tokens, 1966

RAM Bronze Decimal Minting Medal, Portsmouth Medallion, 80

Charles Dickens Medallion, plus others (qty)
1008 Box with range of casino items including casino chips, 20

postcards, beer coasters and other items (qty)
1009 Coll of Aust & o/seas Casino Chips on page incl Jupiter's

Casino Cupro-Nickel Gaming Tokens x2, Caesers Lake

Tahoe CuNi Token, $5 Frontier, $5 Planet Hollywood,

Saloon No 10 CuNi, $5 MGM Grand, $5 Excaligur, $5 50

Casino Canberra, 1992 Hd edt plus $5 non negotiable, 1988

$2 Wrest Point, $5 Sydney Harbour, Jupiters $1 (white +

blue), plus 2x Club Tokens, mixed cond (16)
1010 Shoebox with range of casino memorabilia from Aust and

o'seas, lots of booklets, info etc from Las Vegas, also noted 20

some postcards and casino chips (qty)

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