Lot# Description Est $

963 Freemasons Hospital Melbourne Silver Medal with "Life 80

Govenor" clasp, named to F.Craig EF - see photo
964 German restrike Thalers x2, France restrike medal, Ceylon 100

restrike Four Rupees, other Crown sized medals UNC (15)
965 Germany 1886 Aluminium 300th Anniv Gottinger

Gymnasiums, 1887 White Metal George II, plus 45mm 100

Brass Notgeld 10,000 Mark 1923 VF (3)
966 Germany Nuremburg advertising medal 30mm, bronze

Obermeister 25yrs medal 1926 with Belgium Vooruit token 40

5 centimes 1921, 39mm, USA 1931 McCormick's Reaper

medal, Frankston's shoe mart medal with Ford model T, F-

UNC (5)
967 Half penny tokens (2), J Pettigrew, Ipswich Qld & I

Friedman, Tas with Sydney, Marcus Clarke farthing-size & 50

Ballarat restrike penny, VF to UNC (4)
968 Kings and Queens of England Medals John 1199-1216,

Henry III 1216-1272, Henry V 1413-1422 and Richard III 100

1483-1485, 40.7gr Sterling Silver (4)
969 Macquarie Mint Chinese Lunar Zodiac coll in original box,

incl 10 of 13 Medallions with certificate, each 24ct Gold 80

Plated (10)
970 Postpac box of Tokens, Aust and World, could be anything

in this lot, noted Aust Bi-Cent Medallion coll Medals, Shell, 80

Aristocrat, Telephone Tokens, Herald Sun, Coca Cola, etc

971 Range of telephone tokens from 1937 to modern, (eg 50

Telefon, AEG, PTT), some duplication, variety of sizes (34)
972 Set of 6 Sterling Silver Australian Bi-Centenary 1788-1988

Medallions, loose not in display case, total weight approx 320

426 grams or 13.69ozs (6)
973 Set of 6 Sterling Silver Australian State Medals, 75th Anniv

of Federation, total weight approx 6ozs Sterling Silver loose 145

not in presentation case (6)

974 Spain c.1770 silver Commemorative medal, bust of Philip of

Spain, rev: Victory in amphitheatre holds wreaths; 29mm, 50

holed for wearing, rare, EF - see photo
975 Special Distinction in National Rifle Association silver medal

48mm, c1930, Macedonian archer with bow & quiver of 40

arrows, Kings Trophy, scarce, fine
976 Stamp Ingots, gold on silver in album of issue, not 400

complete, est close to silver price (28)
977 Sterling Silver 71.3gr RAM Medallion depicting Floral

Emblems of Six States and two Territories, plus gold plated 65

50mm Mint Medal (2)
978 Sterling Silver Medallions, 2x Aust Bi-Centenary and 2x The

Voyages of Captain James Cook Medallions, approx 5.86 160

ozs Sterling Silver, loose coins not in display boxes (4)

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