Lot# Description Est $
747 Box of manual and Quartz pocket Watches and

Wristwatches, incl Swiss movements, Nirvana and Perret 130

and Fils of Palma, working but glass missing, others (22 in


748 Coll of Analogue Ladies Watches untested, working & not

working incl Citizen & Seiko, vintage & more modern (7)- 60

see photo
749 Gold plated gents pocket watch by Caris Bros, crown wind, 65

working, engraved with initials CJ
750 Ladies 1940s-60s Cocktail Watches, Dris (2), Technos and 50

metro set with Marcasites, all need work (4)
751 Seiko quartz desk clock, needs battery, o/w as new cond 25
752 Silver plated Sovereign case with loop for Fob chain, the 50

hinge pin needing work, o/w fair cond, one dent

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