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314 Australasian Tokens & Coins by Dr Arthur Andrews,

hardcover 1982 reprint in "as new condition", the Definitative 50

work on Australian Tokens, rare
315 Gold Coins of the World by Arthur & Ira Friedberg, covers 40

ancient times to the present, 7th edition, hardcover
316 Renniks Australian Pre-Decimal Coin Varieties 1st edition,

plus Renniks Australian Coin & Banknote Values 22nd, 23rd 30

& 24th editions (4)
317 The Coinage of Colonial Australia by Andrew Crellin plus

Renniks Australian Coin and Banknotes Values 22nd & 23rd 30

editions, plus Australian Cigarette Cards & Values by Dion

H Skinner (4)

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