Lot# Description Est $
182 Accum of mainly Aust Post Postcards pre paid type, many 50

still in original packets (300+)
183 Accum of Pre 1900s-1950s Postcards in shoebox, noted

U.S.A, France, Italy, Portugal etc, mixture of postally used & 200

mint all in protective sleeves & priced for retail sale - very

high retail value (approx 500)
184 Animals, Birds & Fish postcards. All sorted by theme, mix 40

of older B&W plus colour to modern.(approx 200+)
185 Armed Forces & Military related picture postcards noted

1918 embroidered card numerous Boer War postcards

postally used & sent to Australia from Natal & C.O.G.H etc. 400

Plus good clean seln of WW1 both mint & postally used a

four censor cvrs plus some more modern cvrs etc (200+)
186 Aust & World mainly modern colour cards in large boot box,

inclds Europe, U.S.A, New Zealand etc mainly late 1970s to 100

90s (1000+)
187 Aust Post Pre stamped Postcards in shoebox series 3 (14 30

188 Aust Post Pre Stamped Postcards in shoebox. Inclds 40

series 2 x 8 packs & series 4 x 11 packs (19)
189 Australian Maxi Cards. Accum in large shoebox mainly

postage paid type, mainly still sealed in original Aust Post 90

packets, lot also inclds earlier non pre paid cards. (300+)
190 Australian Scenes plus some pre stamped Aust States

Postcards, noted Vic, NSW, QLD plus some early QVIC 120

era New Zealand, also inclds some modern colour cards

from the 1980s about 50% of the cards are modern (300+)
191 Childrens Planes, Trains & Trams. B&W older to modern 80

mixture of cards, all sorted by theme. (300+)
192 Coll of B/W and Coloured UK Postcards in see both sides 40

Photo Album, all diff (96)
193 Coll of Collector cards featuring Hollywood Actors and

Actresses incl Jean Harlow, Myna Loy, Tom Mix, etc, all 80

vintage nice cards (23)
194 Coll of mostly early Australian Postcards incl some nice

B+W photo types of Tasmania, also Sydney, Melbourne, 180

etc, good variety (60)
195 Coll of Postcards almost entirely of UK Churches and

Abbeys incl some vintage small town examples, in large 6- 40

pocket postcard pages (90)
196 Coll of Postcards featuring UK Churches, Abbeys and

coastal holiday towns, noted Buckfast Abbey and Torquay, 40

many vintage cards, in large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)

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