Lot# Description Est $
1 1956 Melb Olympics official Booklet for overseas visitors by

National Travel Association, Sydney (ANTA), superb cond 35

for a 64 Year old book
2 2008 World Youth Day Sydney sterling silver plated chain & 36

pendant in original presentation box (7)

3 Accum of Crystal Cut Glassware, incl 2 x small dishes, 1x 30

med dish, 1x small vase, 1x small jug (5) - see photo
4 Antique Bone Brooch & Necklace (2 items) 25
5 Box of assorted ceramic + plastic money boxes, incls 25

Dinosaurs, Rabbits and a Pig, most have stoppers (10)
6 Box of cameras (2x Olympus Digital, 1x Yashica Film), and 30

Swann USB Reader, no guarantees (4 items)
7 Box of Toy Cars etc incl Hot Wheels, Days Gone By, etc, 20

plus Modern made in China types, good value at est (50+)
8 Box of various wallets/purses incl leather types, good 35

variety, suit reseller (19)
9 Box with 240 all diff Australian Postcards, mostly Animals

and Pictorial Scenes from most States of Aust (ex Aust 35

Post) (240)
10 Box with assorted EPNS or Pewter items comprising

Tankard and other drinking vessels, misc serving

decanters, salt shaker, 2 serving dishes with spoons, sm 35

trophy cup and a undetermined oddment, mixed cond, most

could do with a good clean which would double or triple the

value (15 items)
11 Lge shoebox with ceramic money boxes, mixed cond, 20

contains Animals, Cow, Chicken, Elephant and others,

cheap at est (6)

12 Lladro Nao 'Two Ducks', #0368, 6x11cm, exec cond - see 30

13 NASA Astronaut photos, official NASA bio photos with

information about the astronauts on the back, photos of Guy 30

S Gardner (small crease) & Dr Martin J Fettman, both

autographed (2)
14 Old Fashioned solid leather attache case, someone once 20

referred to a similar bag as a "Pilot's" bag
15 Pair of scalloped edge silver plated gravy boats by Eldona

with pair of silver plate Italian chalices, good condition with 30

attractive plated serving dish (5) plus quantity of stainless

cutlery (qty)
16 Phone card album with Japanese cards, mostly used (144) 30
17 Rowing and other trophies (8), all silver plated, not 35

engraved, good condition (8)
18 Set of 4 cake knives, 4 cake forks & 2 knife rests, in mother 35

of pearl & EPNS (10)

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