Lot# Description Est $
1724 o Two quality S/Seas albs (PNG + NZ), incl S/Seas PNG

pages 1952-81 + NZ S/Seas pages 1855-1980, both 60

sparsley filled, value is in the albs + pages, 3x PNG Stamp

packs are also incl (280+)
1725 x/o Untidy ranges on stkshts strongest in NZ with useful

Officials, Malta, France, pre-dec Aust Territories, Jamaica 80

1860 2d SG2 U (CV £55), etc, cond varies (100s)
1726 x/o Very untidy but diverse array on bundle of hagners, pages &

part pages, strength in British Cwlth incl Bahamas 1920

Peace M, Hong Kong 1941 Cent (2 sets U, extra $1), 130

Jamaica 1919-21 Pictorials ex 3/- M (CV £158), Samoa

1920 Victory M, some interesting foreign plus back of book

material, mixed cond (100s)
1727 x/o World coll in lge brown loose leaf alb - countries A - V all

stamps appear to be prior to 1950, useful Europe with 120

pickings throughout (no Australia or GB) noted China, USA,

Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and more (1200+)
1728 xx/x/o World issues (B+C countries) in Lighthouse alb, mostly FU

issues with occas M, best range Bulgaria (1100+), with nice

Thematics noted incl Sport, Olympics, Birds, Flowers, 50

Animals, Butterflies, Space + more, also incl good range

from Ceylon/Sri Lanka + to a lesser extent Bolivia,

Bangladesh, Chile, Commores + Costa Rica (1500+)
1729 xx World miniature sheets, high CV, incls mostly British

C'Wlth and a few Pacific Is & Netherlands, nice lot, good for 60

resale, excellent value at est (100+)
1730 x/o World seln in 2 albs, A-Z countries in one, good Thematics

in another, themes noted incl Scouts, Space, Animals + 40

more (600+)
1731 c 1981 The Songbirds of the World Mint stamps boxed

collection issued by the Royal Society for the protection of 50

birds, each stamp comes with its own illustrated

information card (72 diff)
1732 xx/o Alb cont mostly used Sport Thematics (incl Olympic

issues) from a wide range of countries, good cond colourful 40

issues (780+)
1733 xx Nice framed Limited Edition Commemorative Stamp 50

Collection of the Royal Australian Air Force
1734 xx 1950s seln of Republic of Malukli Sewatan (South

Moluccas) "Bogus" issues, reputedly ordered by New York 50

Stamp Dealer Henry Stolow, interesting as historical

forgeries or as colourful Thematics (54)
1735 o 1862 15c Blue Argentine Confederation Imperf issue CV 80


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