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1556 o Fantasies, Fakes & Forgeries coll of Vic, NSW, Qld, Tas on

well annotated leaves incl examples of many classical &

contemporary forgeries, outstanding collection which is

both well researched & presented incl some expertised 300

stamps & their Certificates with comments as to why they

were deemed non genuine, this study is an excellent

reference work in its own right (200+)
New South Wales
1557 o Bulk NSW issues in alb, mostly 1860-1900s lower

denomination issues, main highlight is the qty of Bar 120

Numerals + o/print OS issues (some still on piece), 1860

6d Brown Perf Diadem noted, CV $65 (400+)
1558 o Bulk NSW issues on stock pages, mostly 1860s-1900s

lower denomination issues, incl qty of Bar Numerals, some 80

still on piece, OS o/print (1860 6d Brown Perf Diadem noted

(CV $75) (250+)
1559 o 1882-1910 Chalon Head, high values 10/- Brown + £1 40

Green (pair), CV $100+ (3)

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