Lot# Description Est $
44 4 Cameras (various), lensesTakumar Tambon SP 80

Night/Day + Torex Auto Telconverta, etc (qty)
45 Asahi Brand Pentax Spot Meter, Bellows Unit 4 Cameras, 60

4 Adjustable Lenses (qty)
46 Box of cameras (2x Olympus Digital, 1x Yashica Film), 40

and Swann USB Reader, no guarantees (4 items)
47 Cameras (4), Lenses (6), Super Takumar Zoom Stereo 60

Adapter set, Camera Repair instruction manual (qty)
48 Cameras, various brands (3), Photo Paper, instruction 50

manual Digital Book Filters Lens caps, etc (qty)
49 Carton with Camera Lenses (4), Cimko Series, Miranda

Zoom, Supertakumar, Tele Takumar, sm Tripod, Hanimax 80

Flash, Filters, etc, good lot (qty)
50 Carton with cameras + equipment incls Nikon D50 Digital

+ Nikon Zoom 100 AF Film, Sigma lenses x3, Tripod, 60

Achiever 115A Flash etc (11 items)
51 Carton with Panoramic Cameras (2), Polaroid (3) (2 60

Kovac, plus Polaroid brand and manual) (6)
52 Kodak Cameras (4) + Super Coated Takumar Lenses in 60

case, noted Voighander (qty)
53 Lge shoebox with sm Minolta Slide Projector + 16PS with 50

manual and Pentacon lge close up Bellows Attachment,

etc (qty)
54 Shoebox with GB Bell and Howell Movie Camera Leather 50

case and 16mm Splicer (3 items)
55 Vintage Zeiss 1 Kon (est 1926) Roll Film Camera made

1926-29 with Zeiss 1 Kon markings, a beautiful piece of

Photograph history, Mechanisms Stiff but appear to 50

work, Leather Casing shows signs of wear and internal

Lens appears cracked, sold as is - see photo
56 Zeiss Ikon Roll Film Camera (4) + Ikon Iconic early 80

Photographic History items (qty)

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