Lot# Description Est $

28 29 Vintage Metal/Lead Hand Painted Standing British

Guardsmen/Soldiers Figurines, a wonderful addition to

any toy or militaria enthusiast's coll, great cond overall for 100

age, 5x Guardsman have Hao Rifle Arm Reattached & 1

Guardsman is missing an arm (29) - see photo
29 Box of assorted ceramic + plastic money boxes, incls 30

Dinosaurs, Rabbits and a Pig, most have stoppers (10)
30 Box of assorted ceramic, plastic & large plush money

boxes with & without stoppers, also an M & Ms lunchbox 50

& flask (19)
31 Box of Dolls incl Steve Urkel Doll on stand with original

clothes + often lost oversized glasses, Metti Australia

Humphrey B Bear Doll without original clothes, 2x 50

signatured Cabbbage Patch Dolls 1 plastic, 1 fabric, 2x

60s era plastic/vinyl Toys (6)
32 Days Gone vintage model cars, various designs (8) 60
33 Die cast helicopters of UK, Germany & Israel, inclds

Westland, Wessex, Whirlwind & Lynx, Sea King, 80

Chinook, Cobra, Eurocopter and Eurocopter Tiger with

magazines (8)
34 Die cast models of USA aircraft, inclds Augusta, Sea

Ranger, Apache Longbow, Huey, Sea Knight & 80

Shawnee, all helicopters & B24-D Liberator War plane,

most are complete with original magazine (7)
35 Lge shoebox with ceramic money boxes, mixed cond, 20

contains Animals, Cow, Chicken, Elephant and others,

cheap at est (6)
36 Mixed coll of goodies, Toy Cars (22), Action Man Doll,

Fantastic Beasts boxed Wand, box of Poker Dice, 30

Wooden Figures (2), box of Costume Jewellery incl 2x

Watches, Car Badges, Ford (2), BMW, Belt Buckles (3) +

Coca Cola Badges (3) (qty)
37 Small box of metal Cars by Days Gone Liedo, unboxed, 65

but all in good cond (16)

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