Lot# Description Est $
192 Box of assorted Postcards, incls Planes, Trains, plus 80

many old cards, good lot (100+)
193 Box with 240 all diff Australian Postcards, mostly

Animals and Pictorial Scenes from most States of Aust 40

(ex Aust Post) (240)
194 Coll of "Native" Postcards both early Colour & B+W,

mahority are postally used from Africa, SE Asia & Pacific, 50

interesting lot with Philatelic onterest, also housed in

quality Vario album on 2-div clear pages which are

yellowed (71)
195 Coll of B/W and Coloured UK Postcards in see both sides 50

Photo Album, all diff (96)
196 Coll of Collector cards featuring Hollywood Actors and

Actresses incl Jean Harlow, Myna Loy, Tom Mix, etc, all 100

vintage nice cards (23)
197 Coll of English Postcards featuring the Isle of Man, many 75

vintage cards on lge 6-div Postcard pages (60)
198 Coll of Postcards almost entirely of UK Churches and

Abbeys incl some vintage small town examples, in large 50

6-pocket postcard pages (90)
199 Coll of Postcards featuring Actors and Actresses, 120

beauties, etc, many vintage cards, mainly better cond

200 Coll of Postcards featuring UK Churches, Abbeys and

coastal holiday towns, noted Buckfast Abbey and 50

Torquay, many vintage cards, in large 6-pocket postcard

pages (90)
201 Coll of Postcards featuring UK Lighthouses both B/W and 100

colour, in lge postcard pages, some early cards (90)
202 Coll of Postcards featuring UK seaside towns, incls diff

cards showing similar views of well known locations, 50

interesting for a collector in large 6-pocket postcard

pages (90)
203 Coll of Postcards featuring views in Dartmouth, many

early cards showing diff views of the river and the 50

castle in large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
204 Coll of Postcards in pages with views of Dartmoor and

Shaldon, some interesting variations of common views of 50

the region, in large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
205 Coll of Postcards mainly views of tourist locations incl

good col of Dartmoor, also Guernsey and Japan, quite a 60

few vintage cards, in large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
206 Coll of Postcards of Torquay many diff views and some

interesting variations of the same view, all vintage, in 50

large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
207 Coll of UK Postcards in plastic pages, mostly views of 100

Torquay, many are Vintage cards (90)

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