Lot# Description Est $
127 Small box of various packs of playing cards, noted Swan

Hage, Vintage Lightfoot Refrigeration (Fridge style 60

packaging), Canadian Pacific Picturesque Dogs, etc, nice

coll (10 packs)
128 Small box of various stickers incl Australian varieties,

some interesting ACT promotional types and some packs 50

from Aust America's Cup Victory (qty)
129 Small plastic box cont packs of playing cards, incl

Christmas Is Resort, a marked pack, Sydney Vintage 60

Eclipse cards, etc, (9 packets)

130 Star Wars 1970s figurines, all out of boxes & showing

some signs of use but generally good cond, incl Luke,

Leia, C3PO, Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, Chewbacca, plus 70

4 other lesser well known figurines, some missing

accessories, Luke and vader both have their sabres -

see photo

131 Star wars Empire Strikes Back toys Hoth Rebel Ice Base

with Tauntaun, Han Solo, plus Snow Speeder, etc (7 50

items) - see photo

132 Sydney Harbour Bridge 1930s Nickel-plated Compact

celebrating the bridge opening, sepia photo on front, very 80

unusual and rare - see photo
133 Telegraph Keypad for Morse code 50

134 Tobacciana Bakerlite Match Safe or Vesta case, appears

to be German, probably made in Mannheim, opens top & 50

bottom with striker in bottom - see photo
135 Vintage set of Brass Gold Scales in plastic box, incls

weights in grams, Troy and Penny Weight, nice collector 80

piece or display item

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