Lot# Description Est $
2087 o Thematics seln of CTO issues in alb, some on pages,

some still in pkts, incl pages for Art + the Olympics, Birds

+ Flowers, French Africa, Christmas, Animals, Poland + 50

Mongolia, as well as stamps on many pages, also incl

approx 60 diff Thematic sets in glassine pkts (many

Olympic Games Issues
2088 xx/c 1980 Russia Olympic Program, the official MUH stamps

and FDCs for the Olympics in 2 separate lge red albums, 60

in immaculate condition, very high original cost, bargain at

est (73 stamps, 6 m/s, 79 cvrs)
2089 xx/x/o Very interesting seln of mostly World Cinderellas on

Hagners in alb, incl WWII Cinderellas (some scarce),

Coronation issues, Law stamps, Tobacco stamps, 120

Customs Duty, Stamp Duty, Postage Due, Newspaper

issues, plus a seln of self embossed cut outs at back

2090 x 1937 Dhows to 1r, 1939-48 defins, Kathiri 1942 defins & 145

Qu'aite 1942-46 defins, generally fine, Cv £385 (44)
2091 xx/x Range with 1937 Dhows to 1r MUH (1r has patch of

toning), most 1953-63 defins incl both colours of 5/-, 10/- 80

& 20/-, 1964-65 new wmk defins (ex 5c & 35c) M, some

commems, CV £380+, mainly fine (74)
2092 o 1862 15c Blue Argentine Confederation Imperf issue CV 100

2093 xx Mostly 1970s range of sets (40+ incl several defin sets)

plus 47 m/sheets & sheetlets, minor dupln, fine cond, 40

MUH (240+)
Ascension Is

2094 xx 1963 4½d Bird defin wmk inverted, SG74w, CV £550, 320

very rare, only a few known with wmk inverted, Fine

MUH - see photo
2095 o Accum on 50+ Hagners in binder with dupln, wide date

range, best seln Malaysia, Singapore + Thailand but also 50

incl Philippines, HK, Korea, Macao, Pakistan, India +

others, Hagners alone are worth the est (1100+)

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