Lot# Description Est $
1828 c 1940s/60s misc seln of covers, main highlight is 3 from

Tunisia 1945, 1951 + 1952 Flight covers with early price 40

marks of $25 ea, other covers are from France, Austria,

IFNI, Spain, Poland + Germany (13)
1829 c 1960s-70s seln of World Space/Rocket covers prepared

in sets in pkts for resale (retail marked price $200+) inc 75

Russia, USA & Germany (56)
1830 c 1960s-80s seln of Nauru FDCs, slight foxing on some

early issues but incl a nice seln of WCS covers, 1974 40

Close Contact noted (38)
1831 c 1966-73 seln of Aust covers incl Aborig Arts, Rehab,

Anpex Hovercraft Mail, Christmas 1972 + 73, Metric

Conv, Architecture + more, all diff, main feature is as well 50

as Official covers WCS, Excelsior + Royal are also incl,

these covers are becoming harder to find (75)
1832 c 1979-82 AAT base cancels sets, incl Ships I, II + III in blks

of 4 (total CV for the single sets is $100+), also incls

1979/80 Anniv 1st Flight over the South Pole set of 8 also 60

in blks of 4 (4 complete base cancel sets in blks of 4 (72

1833 c 1980 Olympics cover colln in special presentation album

with slip cover, contains the official cover colln of the 40

Moscow Olympics, also incls many pages describing the

Evolution of the Olympic Games (1896 to 1976) (77

1834 c 1980-91 GB coll of FDCs in sleeves in FDC album, same 80

addressee, all diff (96)
1835 c 1980s seln of mostly unaddressed good cond covers

from Switzerland (2 have typed addresses), nice seln 40

with Europa Minisheet, Pro Juventute + more (35 appear

1836 c 2 Quality Royal Mail albs, one with GB Millennium coll

covers (2000-01) (13) + the other alb cont 1970s-2000s 50

seln of GB RAF War/Aircraft Anniv issues plus assorted

World War/Aircraft issues (25) (total 38 covers)
1837 xx/c 2004-2006 seln of WWF sets of 4 stamps & 4 covers &

information pgs relating to each set of covers & stamps 50

for different countries, these sets are housed in 2 WWF

folders with slip covers, 22 diff sets (88 MUH stamps, 88

Great Britain
1838 c 1960s-80s colln of GB FDCs in box (140) 40
1839 c 1971-84 GB FDC colln in 2 quality L'house matching

green albs (small & extra long), most covers from late

1970s are either unaddressed or with BPOA labels and 50

are in excellent resale cond, covers are a bonus as the

main value lies in the 2 quality albs (99 covers)
1840 c 1977-2011 seln of GB FDCs (50) 40

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