Lot# Description Est $
93 3x Al plated Silver items incl 2 Coffee Pots, I has damage 80

to spout, plus Pepper Shaker with a few dents (3 items)
94 Biscuit tin of silverplated souvenir spoons from Aust, 50

USA and GB (90)
95 French Silver Brush case, Cigarette Case with various

.800 Engraved and Decorated Spoons in chocolate tin, 800

almost a kilo (qty)
96 Group of .900 and .925 Silver incl 2 Cigarette cases, a 250

Carde deVisite case, Spoons, Cufflinks, etc, 360gr (qty)
97 Large estate lot of silver & plated items, ideal for antique

market, inclds English cream & sugar bowls by Lloyd,

Payne & Amiel, engraved cake knife & fork in velvet lined 200

case, hallmarked Victorian candlestick with acanthus leaf

decoration, hand mirror, cutlery, etc, fair cond (qty)
98 Lge lot of French Silver Cutlery .800 fineness, 1.85kgs 1500
99 Lge lot of French Silver Cutlery .800 fineness, 2.05kg 2000
100 Lge lot of French Silver Cutlery, .800 fineness, 1.75kgs 1700
101 Matching Teapot, Sugar and Milk Jug EPBM English early 60

1900s engraved for the Petworth Church Restoration

102 Ottoman Empire coffee pot, hand engraved floral design, 80

superb, a few minor dents, hallmarked 800
103 Pair of scalloped edge silver plated gravy boats by

Eldona with pair of silver plate Italian chalices, good 40

condition with attractive plated serving dish (5) plus

quantity of stainless cutlery (qty)
104 Pair of silver fish knives, Georgian salt & pepper shakers,

small pill box of Middle Eastern origin with small honey 65

coloured semi precious stone inset plus small EPNS

container with 2 lion's heads holding rings, interesting lot

(5 items)
105 Rodd EPNS teapot, coffee pot, cream jug & sugar bowl 60

with other silver-plate & silver handled items (qty)
106 Set of 4 cake knives, 4 cake forks & 2 knife rests, in 40

mother of pearl & EPNS (10)
107 Shoebox of EPNS cutlery, some knives with silver 75

handles, 2.6kgs
108 Small accum of EPNS Silverware incl 2x Tankards from

1919 & 1935 Cake Server, Fish Server, Salad Fork & 40

Spoon Serving set, Serving Fork plus 6 various sized Tea

& Salt Spoons (13 items)

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