Lot# Description Est $
1689 xx 1970s/80s seln of PNG sets of stamps 51 diff Post Office

Packs, all appear diff, incl one Pack from the 1990s + 3 50

diff small bklts (100s)
1690 xx/x/o Accum NZ in box incl some early material in Used then

1946 Peace issues in Plate & Imprint blks then qty of Mint 75

Post Office packs mainly from the late 1980s to 2000s,

main value in the Mint issues in Packs (100s)
1691 o Accum of World on ppr in box, mainly older material, incl

duplicated NZ pre-dec, plus some USA, approx 1kg in 40

total (100s)
1692 x/o Africa accum of mainly Used in pkts incl SWA,

Basutoland, Nigeria, Zanzibar, Egypt, Sudan, South 50

Africa, Zimbabwe, KUT, etc, great for the Africa or Brit

Comm collector (1000s)
1693 c Aust plus some NZ mainly pre-dec & early dec FDCs,

vast majority are WCS plus a few Royal & Officials from

approx 1951-77, some toning noted but better issues incl 40

eg pre-dec Birds, Flowers, etc, noted AAT Reg Cvr 1959

Opening of Wilkes Post Office Purple Cachet (400+)
1694 ps Aust Postal stationery in shoebox inc lettercards, mostly

QEII 18c , 20c & 22c, mostly mint but also inc QEII 5c &

Birds lettercards (M & FDI) (100+), embossed envs inc 40

KGVI 1d & 2½d noted & seln of QEII from 5d, Aerog from

10d (M & FDI), newspaper wrappers & KGVI 7d airletter

1695 o Biscuit tin with 450+ gm diverse World off ppr (no Aust),

many large Thematics, good range, Belgium, Switzerland 60

& other Europe (6000+, 7 m/s)
1696 xx Box cont 1960s/70s PNG seln of full + part sheets,

mostly lower denom values + part sets, but very useful 50

for reseller, noted 1973 25c + 30c x20 each (CV $1 + $2

ea) (many 100s)
1697 c Box cont 1960s-70s seln of PNG FDCs, all addressed, 40

mostly neatly typed on labels, dupn would suit reseller

1698 xx Box cont 1970s/80s seln of PNG stamp sets in 58 50

(appear diff) Post Office Packs (100s)
1699 xx/c/p Box cont 1970s-80s PNG MUH sets in pkts (25 pkts), also

incl 1965-80s seln of 90 unaddressed covers, 14 of 50

these are souvenir covers with special cancels (100+

stamps, 90 covers)
1700 xx Box cont 1978 British Comm coll of 25th Anniv of the

Coronation, stamp sets, m/sheets + sheetlets mounted 100

hingelessly on 100+ Anniv of Coronation pages (169

stamps, 73 m/sheets + sheetlets)
1701 xx Box cont 1978-85 Nauru Post Office Packs (29 diff), incl

Pack 1 (Our Is Home, vals to $5) + Pack 2 which both 30

contain Ltd Ed Black Print sheets, orig cost of Packs

$56.81 (29 diff packs)

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