Lot# Description Est $
1602 xx/o 1966-2013 FU plus Mint colln on trimmed down S/Seas

hingeless pages in 7x albs, FV amounts are noted but

appear to incl Used stamps as well as the Mint, great 80

colln to continue with, main strength is in the post 2000

issues with Commonwealth Games mini sheets in Mint

noted, plus Mint Christmas 71 Pane of 25, mainly FU,

good value at est (100s)
1603 xx/x/o/a Accum in box incl 3x Hagner binders, 1 has neat Mint

seln of mainly sets from Finland, Hungary, Cuba,

Nicaragua, Spain, Indonesia, etc, the other 2 with FDC

pages, old P J Downie Auction card with early 50

Netherlands on leaves (mixed cond), 1978 USA Mint

Commems plus State Birds sheet (toned), various other

Mint issues incl Hungary opts, quality blue stkbk with

Western Europe, Americas & Africa (100s)
1604 o Accum of Aust FDCs, PSEs, plus aerogrammes, also incl

a few USA cvrs from the 1970s, great value at est, over 50

6kg (many 100s)
1605 xx/x/o Accum of Aust in box incls red binder of Dec with a

smattering of Pre-Dec, 3x binders with mainly modern 40

Used incl P+S issues plus 2x Lighthouse stkbks with the

same again, main value is in the Mint Dec & Pre-Dec in

red binder (100s)
1606 xx/x/o Aust & World accum in carton incl binders of mainly

British Commonwealth Mint incl Antigua, British Honduras, 60

Grenada, New Zealand & Aust M+U, mainly dec in 3

binders, main value is in the Brit Comm Mint (100s)
1607 o/c Aust Pre-Dec & Dec coll in box incls lge binder with

Roos, KGV, Pre-Dec & Dec, qty of early material but

many are in poor cond, better items incl 1938 Robes set 50

of 3, 1927 3d Airmail, 6d Airmail, 1935 1/- Anzac, etc,

also incls a 2nd binder with Aust Dec FDCs 1983-85,

plus 2x quality stkbks of Aust Used (100s)
1608 x/o/c/ps Book carton with accum of Aust and Pacific Island

material incls Mint Pacific Is Aerograms, Mint Packs FDCs

+ Ice cream and Margarine container of Aust/World 80

stamps, lge plastic bags of Aust off ppr, stamps on ppr,

etc, needs sorting (1000s)
1609 x/o/c Box accum incl GB and NZ in folders plus stkbk of GB &

NZ as well, Ice cream container of GB & World Postcards

& env noted 1851 Entire from the Isle of Wight, KEVII 70

cvrs from Malta to England plus a few other early GB

cvrs incl QVic 1d Red Perf issue tied to env with Bar

Numeral pmk & QVic 1d Red Mourning cvr (100s)

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