Lot# Description Est $

62 2x C/S/P sets incl Royal Standard & Silesia Germany,

lovely sets showing some signs of wear, Silesia has 100

some chips & Royal Standard has staining to inside of tea

cup - see photo
63 Christian Thanksgiving series of Collector/Wall Plates,

incls Hay, Apple, Potato, Grain, Grape and Feast of the 65

Harvest, in as new cond (6)

64 Coll of 3 Princess Diana Commemorative Plates incl

Franklin Mint 'Angel of Hope', #P03465, The Bradford 100

Exchange 'Diana, England's Rose', #8757B (with cert),

Aynsley 'Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997', exec

cond - see photo

65 Colln of Miniature Toby Jugs incl Peter Pan, Hook, King

Arthur, Sherlock Holmes & more, size 3.5cm - 4cm high 70

(13) - see photo
66 Diana Queen of Our Hearts 1st and 2nd issue "Our Royal 80

Princess" decorator Wall Plates, in as new cond (2)
67 Floral greetings from Lena Liu decorator/wall plates,

issues 1 to 5 inclusive, Romance, Joy, Harmony, Love 50

and Circle of Elegance, in new cond (5)

68 Lladro 'Ducklings', #4895 Sweet Little Ducklings in a

Basket Being Watched by Mother Duck, great cond, 80

10x10cm - see photo

69 Lladro Girl with Geese #5503, in true Lladro style of

never missing any detail, this sweet girl is sculpted by

Antonio Ramos and still has the often lost original sticks 200

in hand, to the avid collector or Goose enthusiast, don't

miss the magnificent example of Lladro porcelain - see


70 Lladro Juanita Flamenco dancing girl #5193, the detail in

this piece of beautiful Lladro crafting is worth noting the

3 flowers atop the passionate little dancer's head are so 200

detailed they could be real, a stunning example of glossy

Lladro porcelain - see photo

71 Lladro Lolita Flamenco Co Dancing Girl #5192, a beautiful

example of Lladro glossy porcelain, this little dancer's 150

passion for Spanish dance is clearly detailed in her

expression, - see photo

72 Lladro Nao #0394 Dove Preparing For Flight, standing at

21cm this large dove in great condition will make a proud 70

addition to any collection - see photo

73 Lladro Nao #1042 Listening to the Birds Song, sitting at

15 x 18cm, this piece is a symbol of the beauty of nature, 70

her peaceful gaze upon the little bird is caught in the

detail of this lovely Lladro Nao sculpture - see photo

74 Lladro Nao 'A Big Hug', #1049 A lovely little girl with hat 80

giving a puppy a hug, 17x9cm in exec cond - see photo

75 Lladro Nao 'Ducks Group', #0006, 12x13cm, exec cond - 50

see photo

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