Lot# Description Est $
1200 18ct Gold Certina Square automatic Wristwatch, the back 300

1201 18ct Gold Ernest Borel automatic with plated strap, the 300

back engraved
1202 18ct Gold Ladies Ernest Borel Wristwatch, rectangular 200

1203 2x 9ct Ladies Wristwatches, with Rolled Gold Pocket

watch by Elgin, Rolled Gold green Dial Watch, Silver 200

Brooches and 'Silveroid' Watch case on long Silver Fob

Chain, interesting lot (8)

1204 9.7 gr of 9ct gold "North Bondi/L.S.C./Wally Weeks 360

Trophy/D Prescott - see photo
1205 9ct rose gold voided FOB 25x19mm by WHH, British

"Warminster FC Tournament 1900" 5.75 gms Warminster 250

Football Club (now Warminster Town FC) currently

playing in Division One of the Tool station Western

League VF
1206 Gold plated gents pocket watch by Caris Bros, crown 100

wind, working, engraved with initials CJ
1207 Ladies 1940s-60s Cocktail Watches, Dris (2), Technos 80

and metro set with Marcasites, all need work (4)

1208 Platinum and Diamond FOB Watch - see photo 1500
1209 Small 9ct Gold bar and clasp from Pocket watch, 3.9gr 100
1210 Small box of Gent's Pocket Watches rolled Gold (2),

Nickel (2), Steel (1), none working, plus a rolled Gold 150

chain (6 items)

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