Lot# Description Est $

298 1933 West Point New York addressed to Port Stanley 50

Falkland Is, scarce - see photo
299 Album cont Isle of Man Postcards, noted some from early 150

1900s, all diff in see both sides Postcard pages (100)
300 Box cont mainly English Postcards depicting views of the

South Coast with some of the Channel Islands, quite a 120

few vintage cards (150+)
301 Box of mainly English Postcards, but noted Postcards

post WWI showing result of war and some of HRH 120

George VI, nice for collector (100+)
302 Box of Postcards from Southern England and some 130

Channel Islands, many early cards (160+)
303 Coll of English postcards depicting mainly coastal scenes 60

of Isle of Wight, many vintage cards (85)
304 Env cont nice coll of Railway postcards incl early cards 120

and real photos (30+)
305 Env cont postcards of Railway engines, many early 120

cards incl some real photos, nice coll (30+)
306 Env cont very interesting coll of postcard folders, noted

Innisfail pre WWII, Empire Exhibition Scotland 1939, 80

Catalina Is 1939 and 5 Underwood Stereo view cards,

rare (qty)
307 Env of over 50 postcards featuring various greetings

(Christmas, Birthday, etc), most vintage some embossed, 60

a nice coll (50+)
308 Folder of Postcards from Dunsk, Minehead and Cheddar, 160

good variety of views, many early cards (200+)
309 Nice coll of Isle of Wight postcards incl some of the 60

notable houses incl Osborne House (80)
310 Photo album cont postcards of NSW incl Sydney scenes,

Blue Mountains, Waterfalls, etc, plus empty pages to 200

include more cards (106)
311 Photo album of various Postcards incl Lakes District and 60

other regions, nice vintage cards (approx 40)
312 Photo album with nice coll of Cards, good variety incl US 100

and UK views, many vintage (100+)
313 Postcards of the Isle of Wight incl Ryde, Carisbrooke, 60

Bonchurch and some of Tennyson's house, many early

cards (qty)
314 Shoebox containing coll of mostly modern postcards

mainly large size cards, some interesting views, etc (52), 40

+ 3 dolls and sm collectable cards (60)
315 Small box cont a variety of Postcards, incls nice seln of 100

Waterfalls, mainly vintage cards (100+)
316 Small box cont coll of mainly English Postcards, nice 80

variety of cards incl vintage (100+)
317 Small box cont variety of Postcards, mostly vintage, but 100

incls small seln of Stage Activities (100)

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