Lot# Description Est $
2449 xx/x/o Bird stamp colln on hagner pgs in album, mainly mint with

many full sets noted, countries include NZ, African 50

States, PNG, IOM, Paraguay, Yugoslavia, St Kitts,

Guernsey plus many more, great collection builder &

good value at est (900+)
2450 xx Coll of Royal events, 'The Royal Baby' William Prince of

Wales stamps & m/sheets issued 1982-83, coll in 4

matching albs & slipcases, not complete, 4th alb has no 100

stamps, high CV m/sheets, various countries

represented (67 m/s, 100+ stamps)
2451 x/o Thematics coll on pages in alb, coll presented by an avid

collector with approx 100 diff Thematic categories, better 100

issues noted, eg 1952 PNG £1 Fisherman (U) (1000+)
2452 xx Train stamps in full sheets 50x stamps per sheet, each

sheet with photo & diagram of each train, 2 designs per 100

sheet, values to $3, stamps are from St Vincent, Nevis,

St Lucia & Tuvalu 50 sheets, 100 different stamps, suit

reseller (2500)
Olympic Games Issues
2453 xx/c 1980 Russia Olympic Program, the official MUH stamps

and FDCs for the Olympics in 2 separate lge red albums, 80

in immaculate condition, very high original cost, bargain at

est (73 stamps, 6 m/s, 79 cvrs)
2454 xx/c Special presentation in 2 folders for the USA 1980

Olympic program, inclds MUH stamps from the 1932 40

Winter & Summer Olympics, 2c, 3c & 5c plus various

issues from the 1980 Games, 2 complete sets of special

covers & MUH stamps (2 sets)
2455 xx/x/o Australian & world in 2 stkbks, noted Aust 150th

Anniversary, TB labels, world registered labels, NZ Phil

Exhib m/sheets, various odds & ends inclds some postal 40

stamps, condition mainly fine, value at est in albums alone

(approx 1500, 21 m/s)
2456 x 1937 Dhows to 1r, 1939-48 defins, Kathiri 1942 defins & 180

Qu'aite 1942-46 defins, generally fine, Cv £385 (44)
2457 xx/x Range with 1937 Dhows to 1r MUH (1r has patch of

toning), most 1953-63 defins incl both colours of 5/-, 10/- 100

& 20/-, 1964-65 new wmk defins (ex 5c & 35c) M, some

commems, CV £380+, mainly fine (74)
2458 x/xx/o British West and East Africa colln on Vario double sided

pgs, mainly 1938 to 1950s inclds a few KGV, noted 50

Nigeria and Gold Coast to 10/- vals (200+)

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