Lot# Description Est $
2398 xx/x/o 4 higher CV items relating to Germany and Poland, incl

1893 German E.Africa o/print PESA 10pf on 20pf (M) CV

£39, 1934 Poland KATOWICE Exhib 20g (U) CV £43, 1954 80

E. Germany MSE 2006 (FU) CV £65 + 1959 Germany

MS1233a (MUH) CV £33 (Total CV £180) (2 stamps. 2

2399 xx/o A-H coll on pages in Springback album, Used issues at

front + 100+ Mint at back, nice range of early Europe, 60

stamps mostly pre 1960 (1100+)
2400 xx Alb cont World seln, best range 1960s Israel, mostly with

tabs (incl 1962 Airline m/s + 1963 Hebrew Press sheetlet 50

of 16), also incls seln of World Thematics incl Monaco

Cars + Planes, Netherlands people + more (240+, 8 m/s, 1

2401 o Album cont mostly USA/Asia, best range USA inclds

good seln of early issues & some embossed cinderellas

& postage due, also inclds a good seln of China, Japan, 50

Thailand, Malay/Singapore & other Asia, some Europe &

other countries in mix (900+)
2402 o Album featuring world circular cancels, great postmark 90

interest (1200+ items)
2403 x/o Asian seln on graph pages, best range Japan 1899-1966

coll featuring a nice seln of early issues + various 60

Philatelic Week issues (165), also features Siam/Thailand

1909-1960s, plus a few from Korea, Laos, Nepal +

Mongolia (250+)
2404 o A-Z accum in old and tatty "Improved" alb, although old,

contents could be useful, issues mostly pre 1930s, incl 50

early GB (QV 1d Red Imperf with letters bottom corners +

QV Brit Comm, early Europe + Japan, mixed cond (300+)
2405 x/o A-Z World accum in Springback alb, mostly pre 1950s

issues, incl a seln of Aust Roos, KGB + States, seln of 80

Brit Comm, good early Europe (incl France + Col +

Germany + States), incl Crete + Persia, worth a look

2406 x/o A-Z world issues in springback alb, wide range of

countries, mostly used, many better noted inc Aust Roos 70

to 2/- & 1949 Coat of Arms set to £2 (U), PNG 1952 10/-

Map (FU) & £1 Fisherman (2 FU) & more (2200+)
2407 x/o British Commonwealth coll in Hardcover "Imperial" album

by Stanley Gibbons QVic-KGV sparse mainly Used coll,

fairly tidy mainly lower vals but could be some value for 70

time spent checking, cond varies, little or no duplication,

main value is in the Australian States, Hong Kong, Africa

& India (100s)
2408 xx/x/o Coll in 3 x Folders incl South America Coll incl Argentina,

Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile & Paraguay plus folder of mini 60

sheets South American & African countries (100s + 96


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