Lot# Description Est $
2389 o 1860s-1980s Seln in 2 albs, one alb cont I-Z countries,

good range of early issues incl Persia (Iran), Japan,

Malaya + States, Sth America, E+W Europe, Sth Africa + 200

more (approx 1000), the other alb cont Guernsey +

Jersey to 1970s, Sing/Mal Indonesia, Thailand,

Philippines, NZ, Hungary, Neth (incl East Indies)), India +

more (750+), worth inspection (1750+)
2390 x/o 1900s-70s A-Z Coll in 2 x black albums Argyle &

Cathedral mainly used with main strength in Europe & 40

Australasia mixed condition lot, good value at est (1000

2391 xx 1960s Omnibus coll of British C'Wealth & foreign sets (no

m/sheets) in stkbk, not complete but very good ranges

of 1963 Red Cross, 1965 ITU & ICY, 1966 WHO, World 600

Cup Football, RV to Caribbean, Churchill & UNESCO,

appears fine & fresh MUH throughout with negligible

dupln (many 100s)
2392 xx/x/o 2 albs with accum from a wide variety of countries,

mostly prior to 1980s, mostly Used with many quality 80

CTO, in particular a qty of colourful Thematics from Mid

East + Mongolia, nice clean issues (1400+)
2393 xx/o 2 albs cont mainly pre 1970s (U) World issues, one alb

with mainly E.Europe, Finland + NZ (nice Thematics in

Hungary, Poland, Russia + Romania) (550+), the other alb 70

cont (700+) + features USA, Canada, France, Germany,

Austria, GB, Eire, India, Denmark + Vietnam (1250+)
2394 xx/o 2 Albs with World Accum - mostly used inc. Asia, Europe

and Pac Is mix - inc NZ, PNG, Pakistan, India, Philippines, 40

China, Korea, Japan and misc. European issues. (100s)
2395 o 2 colls on Hagners + Varios in sleeves in alb, incl 1892 to

1937 Straits settlement (useful early issues noted) and 60

1955 to recent Singapore, these issues would enhance

any coll (500+)
2396 xx/x/o 2 large albums, one cont USA (M/U), Aust (U), thematics

(Dinosaurs) & other world, main feature is USA

Cinderellas inc 1916 & 1934 Wine Tax, Stock Trs, Playing

Card tax & postage due, also inc a range of early issues 90

(unfortunately the mint USA issues are stuck down)

(approx 700), 2nd alb cont early NZ issues, main feature

is the heavy dupln of KGVI official issues (1100+) (1800+)
2397 xx 2 Year albs with stamps in pristine cond, incls 1993

China (58 stamps, 3 m/s), plus 1995 Hong Kong (20 80

stamps, 2 m/s) (total 78, 5ms)

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