Lot# Description Est $
2202 o KGV issues on 2 Hagner sheets, unchecked for Dues,

flaws, or varieties, noted 4d Lemon (2), 1d Reds + 1/4d 120

(2), sure to be value at est (300+)
2203 o Seln of mostly KGV issues on pages in Springback

album, vals to 5d noted with Perfins, main highlight is the 100

large qty of varieties identified (a few Roos, also incl pre-

dec + Postage Due) (380+)
Single Crown Watermark
2204 o ½d green with JCB monogram, NB monogram margin 80

slightly separated, monogram reattached

2205 xx/x 2d orange blk 4, CV $160 - see photo 60
2206 xx 5d Brown, centred high, very fresh MUH 35
Small Multi Watermark
2207 xx 1½d Red Mullet imprint strip of 4 MUH England to Aust

Clunies Ross reproduction vignettes (2), 1954 Antarctic 40

Souvenir m/s & interesting One Shilling Orange "Reward

Coupon" (5 items)
Small Multi Wmk Perf 13½x12½
2208 xx/x 4d Olive ash imp inter-panneau block of 4, faint hinge 140

mark on one stamp & selvedge, remainder MUH, CV $300

C of A Watermark
2209 xx 1/4d Turquoise, nice example 140

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