Lot# Description Est $
2133 c 1929 1st Flight London to India, both stamps bear J28

plate mark on corner selvedge, pmk London 28/3/29 & 50

back stamped Bombay 9/4/29
2134 c 1931 1st Flight - Aust to PNG 'Faith in Australia' with Aust

1/- Aborig & 5d New Guinea, 6d Airmail New Guinea Bird 70

of Paradise (undated) featuring a nice range of back

2135 c 1934 "21 JL 34" New Guinea - New Zealand 1st Flight

intermediate cancel on front "LAE 30JL34" and back 40

stamped on arrival in Sydney "1 AU 34", nice cond with

purple cachet on front
2136 c 1947 "16 JA 14" Intermediate cvr Port Moresby - Rabaul,

back stamped on arrival in Rabaul "17 JA 47" 5½d 120

Australian zoological series Emu tied to cvr, neat typed

address with minor crease top left cnr
2137 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas & BOAC cvrs, countries incl

GB, Austria, Eire, Mauritius, Sudan, Rhodesia,

Yugoslavia, Philippines, Indonesia, Tunisia, France, 50

Singapore, Poland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, USA, Cook Is,

India & Austria, also noted a few USA silks in mix (30 diff)
2138 c 1953-70s seln Qantas & BOAC cvrs, countries incl GB,

NZ, Eire, Ceylon, USA, Fr Polynesia, Australia, Austria, 50

Fiji, Singapore, Sol Is, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand,

India, New Cal & UAR (30 diff)
2139 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas & BOAC cvrs - countries incl

GB, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Tunisia, Cook Is, Fr Polynesia, 50

USA, Eire, Burma, Pakistan, India, Norfolk Is, Fiji, Aden,

Peru, Austria, Germany + Indonesia (30 diff)
2140 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas & BOAC, countries incl GB,

NZ, USA, HK, India, UAR, PNG, Mauritius, Singapore, 50

Germany, Pakistan, Bermuda, Indonesia, Norfolk Is,

Philippines, New Hebrides, British Solomon Is, Peru &

Netherlands (30 diff)
2141 c 1953-70s seln incl Qantas & BOAC cvrs, countries incl

GB, Eire, Italy, Mauritius, Germany, Rhodesia, Chile, Sth

Africa, Malaysia, New Heb, New Cal, USA, Ceylon, 50

Bermuda, Greece, Fiji, Fr Polynesia, Australia, Thailand,

Brazil & Sudan (30 diff)
2142 c 1960s/80s seln of Aust/World Flight/Rocket covers with

dupln, incls 1960 USA Soar Flight III Rocket Mail with

Vignette (2), priced at $39 ea, 1976 Scotland "Concorde" 50

cover no 6 (B90) (2), 1977 USA Flight cover

(Landenberg Route), with 5 back stamps (8), 1981 TAA

Airbus (4), 1984 Aust to PNG (50th Anniv Aust/PNG) (8)

2143 c 1960s/80s seln of Space/Rocket covers, features 3

separate lots with 10 diff in each lot, incls Black Arrow, 50

Apollo, Soyuz, Skylab, Skylark with Recovery + Test

issues (30)

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