Lot# Description Est $
1095 1910-30s vintage photo pin badges, large badge with

KEVII and Queen Alexandra plus KGV on smaller badge, 70

lovely condition (2)
1096 Ansett & Flight related Badges & Pins, various types

noted incl Qantas, Air New Zealand, plus some generic 40

items all flight related, lots of Sydney 2000 Ansett

sponsor Badges (32)
1097 Badges & Pins Australia & Sporting related, noted

Canberra Raiders Supporter Badges, Ettamogah Pub, 75

Sunday Telegraph, Coke, Masters Games, Melbourne

Cup Carnival, etc (51)
1098 Railway related Badges & Tie Pins, many Canberra

Tradesman's Union Club plus other Railway related 75

Badges, nice lot (23)
1099 Salvation Army Tinnies mainly 1960s older style Tinnies

plus much older Smith Family enamelled Pin + small 30

enamelled C.F.S. Badge (9)
1100 Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Badges & Pins many 75

featuring Shell "Fuelling the Games", mostly different & in

good cond (47)

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