Lot# Description Est $
18 1890's German composite doll by Max Schilling, 34" in

original silk christening gown, realistic blue glass 50

'paperweight' eyes, very rare, sold with 1990s valuation

cert $950, Crack in Porcelain on forehead + one leg

19 1970s to 2000, a huge collection of collector's metal toy

sports cars, trucks, most with advertising sides, some 140

quality makers, ideal for market reseller (70)
20 Box of assorted ceramic + plastic money boxes, incls 40

Dinosaurs, Rabbits and a Pig, most have stoppers (10)
21 Coin operated Mini Poker 1980s Machine, Royal Flush

Draw Poker, unknown if still working but must be scarce, 60

needs batteries

22 Vintage big Pullan walking doll, hard plastic & vinyl with

open and shut eyes by Regal Canada, dressed in vintage 200

outfit and plastic shoes, 34" (90cm) tall, excellent

condition and rare - see photo

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