Lot# Description Est $

222 1933 West Point New York addressed to Port Stanley 60

Falkland Is, scarce - see photo
223 Box of modern Postcards (200+) 80
224 Coll of B/W and Coloured UK Postcards in see both sides 60

Photo Album, all diff (96)
225 Coll of British Postcards mostly tourist towns incl Isle of

Wight, Cowes, etc, many vintage cards, nice variety, in 60

see both sides postcard pages (44)
226 Coll of cards from China, Monuments, Floral Gardens, 40

Temples, etc (27)
227 Coll of European Postcards with strong emphasis on

Paris and France, many vintage, nice variety, in large 6- 65

pocket postcard pages (90)
228 Coll of Postcards almost entirely of UK Churches and

Abbeys incl some vintage small town examples, in large 60

6-pocket postcard pages (90)
229 Coll of Postcards depicting Churches and Cathedrals,

cards show both inside and outside views and most 75

early dates, in large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
230 Coll of Postcards featuring UK Churches, Abbeys and

coastal holiday towns, noted Buckfast Abbey and 60

Torquay, many vintage cards, in large 6-pocket postcard

pages (90)
231 Coll of Postcards featuring UK Lighthouses both B/W and 140

colour, in lge postcard pages, some early cards (90)
232 Coll of Postcards featuring UK seaside towns, incls diff

cards showing similar views of well known locations, 60

interesting for a collector in large 6-pocket postcard

pages (90)
233 Coll of Postcards featuring views in Dartmouth, many

early cards showing diff views of the river and the 60

castle in large 6-pocket postcard pages (90)
234 Coll of Postcards from British islands incl Isle of Wight

and an interesting coll from Sark, quite rare, in see both 80

sides postcard pages (44)
235 Coll of Postcards from Melbourne Vic, mostly earlier 140

cards (65)
236 Coll of Postcards from NSW incl some interesting Hotels 120

from the early 1900s (50)
237 Coll of Postcards from NSW Sydney + Country areas, 150

nice lot (76)
238 Coll of Postcards from NSW, mostly 1920s/1930s (52) 120
239 Coll of Postcards from Qld, mostly earlier cards from 80

Brisbane and other larger towns (32)
240 Coll of Postcards from South Australia, mostly KGV + 60

KGVI (19)
241 Coll of Postcards from Tasmania, mainly depicting Hotels 40


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