Lot# Description Est $
1 Box of 60 New CD covers, must be useful for something 10

2 Carton of Videos, mostly Block Buster movies, good 40

viewing (21)
3 Carton with large qty of mainly EPNS silverware, other

bits & pieces plus Benson & Hedges tin full of 100s of old 30

fashioned pen nibs (qty)
4 Carved Pacific Islands lamp stand, possibly PNG,

innovative design of four faces with shell inlay eyes, 35

very unique piece
5 Coll of Bound National Geographic Magazines in 16 vols 40

1920s/1930s + 2 vols from the 1950s (16)
6 Coll of matchboxes mainly matchbook style with various

companies, majority still have matches inside hence room 30

buyers only due to postal restrictions on flammable

items, approx 3kg (many 100s)
7 Vintage linen, 120 white napkins, various sizes in good 30

8 Vintage linen, 6 large white tablecloths, assorted sizes in 30

good cond (7)
9 Vintage linen, large white doona cover in good cond 15

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